Friday, November 22, 2013

The Sock Story

"Oh I was just telling my husband your Sock Story!"
That is what I heard tonight as I walked into a friends home.  I was so confused.  "What Sock Story?"
She was so surprised I didn't remember.  She began to retell the story to me until the light went on and I remembered.

She said "tell it to everyone!"

I was so taken back by her excitement and interest that I started the story in the middle and had to start over while telling.... twice!  :/

The story is a wide one but I will start in an easy spot.

I heard on Facebook about 250 students in our school district who are homeless.  Yes, 250 kids who don't have a real home to sleep in every night.  Many reasons why, all very sad.  So the Facebook message said a way to help these kids now is to buy them snacks to eat after school.  Many of these kids are not guaranteed dinner so these snacks are critical.  I was shocked, horrified and moved.  I went to Costco to buy a box of granola bars and some small oranges.

I had a little extra time so I walked slow and wandered.  I saw the boxes of socks near the clothing tables and had a thought...."buy some little girl socks".  I stopped and picked up lots of different packages.  They all had 8 pairs and were cute.  I decided on a package of socks for shoe size 10-4 girl.  I put them in my cart and walked a few steps, looked again at the socks in my cart, picked them up and wanted to buy them but.... Who Are They For?  I decide to put them back since I couldn't clearly answer that question.

I left Costco and dropped off the food at the school district office.  The woman there was wonderful and so thankful for any help large or small.  She told me a story of a boy sleeping in a tent all alone.  Rip my heart out.

I then went to my children's school and met with the family advocate about organizing some Thanksgiving baskets.  She was talking about the needs of the families and why they deserve help this Holiday season.

She then paused.  Looked right at me.
She said "Oh and I just heard about a little girl who needs socks, her mom can't buy her any."

I got all red and kinda sweaty.... I said "Carmen, I was just.holding.socks.her.size."
"Do you believe in God?"  I said , "Well, I do and I knew God was asking me to buy those socks but I didn't because I just couldn't see why or who they were for!"
I told her I would go get the socks for the little girl that same day.  I called my husband to pick up some on his way home and he gladly said yes.  (I love him!)
The store near him didn't have the size readily available so he sat on the ground inside Costco at 7pm going package by package looking for the right size.  One, he found ONE package of girls socks.

So the moral of the story:
You know those little thoughts you have?  You know that Holy Spirit that lives inside you?  Well, he knows stuff, cool stuff and if you listen and obey AMAZING things can fall into place.  I really believe that everyday we have chances to be used by God.

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