Monday, February 18, 2013

Food Stuff

I'm learning to eat healthy.  Ha!
I learned a few years ago about exercise but I did not educate myself very much about food.  I mean, I learned about calories and how fast I could burn them but that's about it.

Fast forward a couple years to current time and we got NETFLIX!  Yeah baby!  Ok, so I'm new and a little excited about what shows I can find on there.  My sister said "Cancel cable and get Netflix!"  So I blame her for all this food learning stuff in the end!  Netflix has documentaries and those are perfect for watching when your husband is gone playing soccer.  So, I watched "Hungry for Change" one night last week and learned so much.  Holy, moly so much!

Like.... did you know my favorite cereal in whole world Honey Bunches of Oats Blueberry/Banana does not really have blueberries?  It has clusters of fake suger died blue and some chemical they use in winterizing an RV mixed in it.  Watch the show for all the specific details....  
I had no idea sugar was in so many things, lots of sugar.  I have not been taking very good care of myself or my kids and yes, they will survive but how about I do a little better.

So the next day I set out to change it up.  I bought organic fruit, veggies and dairy products.  I even bought Buck Wheat pancake mix.  Hmmmmmm....  Not sure my thinking on that.  Takeshi called the pancakes "Butt Wheat" so I played with the recipe and added some buttermilk mix to it and the kids ate them!  We've been making smoothies with kale that taste so so.  I'm learning that adding kale means you need to add an extra banana and apple.  :)  The kids are super stars and are eating a plate of veggies and green smoothies.  They are eating plain yogurt and plain cherrios.  They don't cry when I say eat an apple if you are hungry.  Yeah!  I really expected more of a fight but they are troopers!

Today I felt it though.  That low, slow, drained feeling all day.  I told Takeshi I think when I felt this ugggg! in the past I would go eat a granola bar in the kitchen.  A shot of sugar to my system.  Now that I'm choosing a handful of almonds or a banana my body is sad about it.  Sad now, but I hope next week to feel a little stronger and less drained.

On a happy note we are ALL using the toilet regularly for the first time....ever!  Two people, who will remain nameless, have had issues in this area.  I'm happy to say they are all GOOD now!  :)

I'm gonna keep it up!  I'll keep you posted.