Monday, October 24, 2011

Kai's Parent/Teacher Conference

Today was our parent/teacher conference with Kai's first grade teacher Mrs. Mckinney! We all (our whole family) went to the classroom at 3:30pm and met her. She was kind and told us how wonderful Kai is doing in class! She showed us his reading levels and they are right on with first grade level and a bit better! Good job Kai! Mrs. Mckinney said Kai is very kind to others, happy and has many friends! Her only area that Kai needed to work on was adding more detail to his drawings....we heard this same thing in Kindergarten. :) We are proud of you Kai!

Kai's first grade year is off to a wonderful start!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkins and Curry!

Today was a full one!

This morning I went up the "The Farm" with Noah and Emmi. Noah's preschool had a field trip up there.... even in the rain and mud. It was fun and the kids got to ride on a hay bale behind a tractor, pet animals, pick out a pumpkin and stomp in mud puddles! Noah loved seeing all his school friends! Emmi got to pet a little kitty, she was very gentle and sweet.

After Kai came home from school we packed up or things and went over to a friends house for dinner! We each made a curry to share! I made a Japanese curry and she made an Indian curry! It was yummy and so much fun. All the kids played well together and we laughed often! I'm so thankful for good friends! After we came back home Kai said "Mom I had so much fun today!" He was the oldest of the kids and loved that they LOVED all his games and ideas!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


This same subject keeps coming up lately with my boys.... Be careful with your words.
Both Kai and Noah have had moments recently where they said something that could potentially really hurt another person's feelings.

On Friday Noah, Emmi and I waited at Kai's school for him to get out of class. While we waited a class of Kindergartners came out and walked by us. Noah noticed one girl and made a comment after she walked by that was not kind. He was making an honest observation but if that girl would have over heard Noah it would have really hurt her feelings! I got down next to Noah and told him that was not kind and that he should not say things like that! His words can hurt people or help them and those words would have hurt that girls heart if she heard them! Noah started to cry, he felt bad. This is the second time I've had to correct him recently.

I honestly for a moment felt bad that I made Noah cry in public, there were lots of parents waiting around. I talked quietly to him so it was private but he was embarrassed.
Sometimes being a parent is not fun. That was a hard conversation to have with Noah but I'm sure that was an important one. Ahhhh! Growing up is hard!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just a "Normal" day...

I haven't blogged in about 2 months... sorry.... I should update you on the triathlon or how my kids are doing in school (great by the way). Instead I have got to update you on the day I had today! It was memorable to say the least!

This morning I went to Poulsbo on the ferry with Emmi, Noah and my friend Melissa and her son Jacob. We went there to visit a friend and her son for her birthday! It was a wonderful outing and the kids did great! I got home just in time to pick Kai up from school. We got back home and Kai and Noah got out of the car and went and stood by the front door waiting for me to open it. I did what I usually do and tossed the keys to Kai. This time however, instead of giving them to Kai, I tossed them up onto the roof of our home!!! Oh. My. Word. How stupid was that....!?!?! Kai was about to wet his pants and we needed to leave for swimming lessons in 1 hour! Grrrrrrrr! We had an extra house key hidden in the back yard so Kai ran and got it and got into the house quick. I still needed the keys so I put the bags inside the house and started walking over to the neighbors to borrow their ladder. While I was about across the street I hear Kai yell out the door "Mom, Emmi just locked herself inside the bathroom!" Oh my goodness Emmi Grace!!!! My sweet neighbor helped Emmi out of the bathroom while I got the ladder out! Yeah for sweet neighbors! I climbed up the ladder, got the keys and tossed them to the ground. Emmi, my sweet daughter then grabs them and set up my car alarm!

Sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh at what life gives you!