Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Practice Mini Triathlon

We did it!!!! We finished our practice race tonight and did amazing!
A mini triathlon is 1/4 mile swim, 6 mile bike and 1.5 mile run. It's exactly half the distance of the race I'm doing with my mom and aunt in September.

We did another mini practice race in July but the course was very difficult and although we did well, we didn't finish each event.... it was our first run at it. Tonight was a much better story! I am crazy PROUD of the three women who did this race with me!!! All three (mom, aunt and friend) are in their 50's and this is their first triathlon! Seriously, it takes a lot of courage to swim in a lake way out into the deep water THEN get on a bicycle THEN run! These beautiful ladies have come so far and have conquered so many fears to get to this point! Every week we are stretching ourselves and learning more. There have been some hard moments but the last few weeks we have had a lot more successes and I'm feeling super excited to cross that finish line together!

Our race is in just 5 weeks and we are going to rock it!