Thursday, July 7, 2011

Reducing the school papers!

We did it! Today I went to Target and got boxes for both Kai and Noah to put their 2010 -2011 school papers in. The boxes are not that big and I told the boys that whatever won't fit we will have to find another place for... not our home! :)

I thought for sure there would be many tears but we had none! Kai and Noah picked through their pile (Kai had TONS of papers) very seriously. They kept about 1/3 of the pile and put it into a nice box. My favorite part is that boy boys wrote their name on the box with a sharpie marker! It will be so fun to remember how they wrote their name each year! They are very proud of their box and enjoy looking though it and talking about each paper or art work! It all took about 45 min and now my counter is all cleared off of school file folders! Happy mommy!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Lil' Kickers Soccer!

Today was "soccer day" for Kai and Noah! The boys haven't done a soccer class since last summer so they were very excited, especially Kai! At school Kai has really enjoyed playing soccer at recess with other classmates and daily after school he comes home and wants to kick the ball with Noah or I. He loves soccer right now, and he's getting good!

The classes were outside on a turf field. Noah was in the 3 & 4 yr. old class with only 3 kids and Kai was in the 6 & 7 yr. old class with about 10 kids. Emmi and I walked back and forth and watched each boy play games and have fun for the 50 minutes. Kai did amazing! He was fast and you could tell he was very comfortable with the ball! He loved the class and even scored a goal! Noah was enjoying the class but not as much as Kai. When Noah's class was almost over I walked over to watch the end and they were playing a game. Noah's face did not look happy at all! He ran from one end of the field straight to me and started crying so hard!!! His cheeks were red and he was so upset. After about 5 min. with him I gathered that he didn't like that last game they played (that he won). The game was called "get out of my yard" and involved the kids trying to get from one side to the other without being hit (gently) with a soccer ball. The whole idea scared Noah and so he ran so hard and so fast to escape the balls! He won the game but was in tears because of it. :) Noah is so sensitive sometimes. I've decided to ask Judah to come next week to the class with us so that Noah has a buddy he knows and will hopefully enjoy the games more.

Oh and Emmi was one BUSY girl! She cheered on her big brothers, took her shoes off, emptied my bag while I took a picture and drank out of another child's cup! Oh Emmi! I love her!