Thursday, May 26, 2011

:) Happy

I'm feeling so happy these past few days! It must be partly due to the fact that Takeshi, I and Emmi were able to get out of town for the weekend and visit San Francisco. We got to stay with Takeshi's sister, brother-in-law and our niece Hanna! They live just about 20 min. from the big city! We had a wonderful and relaxing time. Watching only 1 child after having 3 normally was super easy and Takeshi and I got in lots of good talking time without kid interruptions.
Thank you again Masanobu & Nao!!!!!

The sun has been out a lot more too! The extra sunshine has helped my attitude a lot. I've enjoyed running outside with my mom and aunt each week. The weather has even aloud us to get in a good bike ride! I've noticed that when I exercise I feel more relaxed and energetic to play with the kids! I've had to really make an effort for my alone mommy time. Takeshi is really busy with his work right now. There have been a few times I've had to miss working out because he can't come home in time. I think I've gotten a lot better at being flexible..... I don't cry anymore when he says he won't be home 'till 8pm or later. :) He has gotten a lot better about making family time count. He jumps right in and helps at home and plays with the kids outside making good daddy memories. I love him!

My heart is full and thankful these days! God is so good and full of peace and love for us! Thank you God for your unending true and lasting joy! I'm truly happy and I know it's because my emotions and heart are tied to the one who loves me more than I can even imagine, God.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kid Stuff

I thought I'd write down some of the latest stuff the kids have been up to and into!

Kai gets to visit his school library every Monday and Friday. Monday is his very favorite day because he gets to pick out 3 new books of his choice. Oh the bliss of Kindergarten independence! He came home earlier this week with 3 books about Japan. Takeshi and I were surprised! The books are written on his level and all about Japanese culture, food, sports and all about how a family lives in Japan. He LOVES the books! He recently read a part about Sumo wrestling and Kendo. He was so interested. Takeshi showed him a Sumo & Kendo match on the computer this afternoon, all 3 kids watched with wide eyes! Takeshi loved sharing! It's funny, you just never can guess what the kids will be interested in! I think if we could find a place for Kai to learn Kendo he would love it!

Noah went to the doctor Monday for his 4 year check up (Emmi went too). Noah is average for his height and a little above average in his weight. :) He is very healthy! He may need glasses within the next two years..... his right eye didn't see the pictures as well on the chart as his left eye. :) Noah got two shots and didn't even flinch! Takeshi was ready to promise ice cream but Noah did great! Noah is still in love with the movie "Cars". A second movie is coming out in June (Cars 2) and every time a commercial comes on t.v. he totally stops moving and is mesmerized. We finally got Noah new shoes. His new shoes are so much bigger, poor kid was running around is shoes way too small! Oops! Now he says his new shoes make him "super fast".

Emmi is talking and talking and talking! She repeats almost any word. She is a busy bee and loves being outside. She often brings me her shoes or puts on Noahs shoes and stands by the door crying! I put Emmi in the "Time-Out" chair yesterday morning for the first time. She was crying at breakfast and wouldn't eat what I made her. I know she wanted something else but I was NOT going to make her another meal.... I'm not a chef at a restaurant!!! She was screaming and going on and on so I unbuckled her and set her in the chair. She cried even more but stayed there. After 2 min. I asked her to say "Sorry Mommy" and she did! I got a hug too! After that she ate her food! Yeah Emmi!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Okaasan (Mother)

My husband and I are about to celebrate our 9th year married! Meeting Takeshi 13 years ago was one of the best gifts that God ever brought my way! Takeshi is from Japan and almost all his family is living there, including my in-laws. I remember my first time meeting Takeshi's parents. I was a young (and stupid) 19 year old. Thinking back to that first meeting and following 2 weeks I don't think I put my very best foot forward but here is where my sweet Mother-in-law shines! I met Takeshi's mom for the first time at the airport. She gave me a big hug and had on a smile that was as bright as the sun! If she was nervous about her son bringing "home" his American girlfriend, I sure didn't notice it. While there they took us to a beautiful city, Nikko I think it was called. We visited pottery shops, Japanese hot springs and old temples. We ate the best food and really had the best time. Looking back I wish I had said "Thank you" more and been a little more adventurous with the food. Now I would eat all that crazy stuff in a heartbeat!

My sweet Mother-in-law was so patient with me over the years!
She has a heart of gold! Takeshi's mom is small but she has a lot to say. I wish often I could have a long conversation with her but our language barrier gets in the way. In spite of that most of the time we do get to share fun times and simple conversations mean a lot. She is a positive person. She wants the very best for her children and grandchildren.

I really felt my admiration for her grow when I had Kai. As Kai grew I began to understand just how much Takeshi's mother must miss him and how much she loved him that she never has asked him to return to Japan. I have 2 sons and a daughter and I don't know how I could ever be that far apart from them. I think she misses us but sees us happy and so she is happy. That is how amazing she is! She is not selfish at all! I have a lot to learn from her!

I call her Okaasan in Japanese that means "Mother". She is so many wonderful qualities that make her a great mother! I'm happy to call her Okaasan.
Happy Mother's Day Okaasan!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Having a mom and being a mom...

My mom is a beautiful woman. She is generous, kind-hearted, filled with wisdom and always ready for an adventure. I remember once while I was in college I came home one weekend and woke up to my mom saying "Hey, let's go to Canada this morning!" It was only about 9am and within 30 min. or so our car was packed and ready for a day trip. I don't picture her bungee jumping or anything but she is going to do her first (of many) triathlons with me this coming September! :) That takes an adventures spirit for sure!

I went to my parents home about 2 weeks ago with all three kids. I brought dinner along with us since it was 6pm or so and I was going to run with my mom while dad watched Kai, Noah and Emmi. The kids were VERY loud and busy but happy! My mom said "Kelly, I just don't know how you do it with three kids!" I almost laughed out loud because she had THREE kids too. How could she really wonder how I do it when she lived my almost exact life just a few years ago. I said to her "Well, I guess I had a good mom who could do it and so if you see me having any success then you should take some credit!" I do have a good mom!

My favorite and most memorable moments with my mom: Coffee on Saturday mornings! It was probably only a few years that we did that each week together. It was between high school when I got married that each Saturday morning around 8:30 or 9am I'd smell or hear the coffee brewing and mom would be sitting down stairs in her chair reading the paper or a magazine. I'd put on my slippers and go get my cup of coffee and sit with her. We talked about all kinds of things, we laughed, we probably cried but I don't remember that.... When I got married and moved to another (near) city we didn't have that together anymore. I know she missed it for awhile, dad told me she did. I missed it too! I have a "good listener" for a mother!

Happy Mother's Day mom! (a real gift is coming, not just this note) :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Family Day Downtown

The sun came out today but it's still cold!
We decided to celebrate May 1st and the sun by heading downtown with the family.
We started at Green Lake where we walked about 1/3 of the way while the kids rode their scooter. After our nice long walk we drove downtown and walked through Pikes Place Market and bought some pretty flowers. We had lunch at the French Bakery and enjoyed a latte. The kids did the best ever! There were lots of people and lots to see! Kai and Noah ran everywhere we went. You would think they had never been outside before with how excited they were! One the car ride home all 3 kids slept. They must have recuperated enough because they are back outside playing in the front yard!