Thursday, April 28, 2011

Origami & Laughing!

Kai's school is folding 1000 origami cranes to remember and support those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Kai's class started the fold and then Takeshi and I said we would finish each fold and give the cranes back to the school. Kai's teacher gave us 24 cranes to finish about 3 weeks ago. Takeshi and I didn't start working on them until just tonight.... the night before they are due. We just got busy and kept putting it off.

We might have put it off longer (bad parents!) except we went to Kai's school Open House to see all that Kai has been working on at school and while there we saw something so funny! Kai has been writing weekly in a journal - he's really good! Leave it to Kai to speak the truth even when it hurts.... He wrote in his journal (in Kai language) "Daddy is not folding the cranes. Oh no!" As soon as I read that I laughed out loud! The paper cranes have been sitting in a plastic bag in our living room we thought unnoticed. Looks like Kai has been secretly worried about daddy and mommy not doing our homework! Oops!!!

So last night Takeshi and got working and finished folding the cranes so Kai could take them to school the next morning! :) Kai is keeping us on our toes with his journal writing at school!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend Fun with Kubotas

This weekend we have been blessed to have Takeshi's sister Nao and her husband Masanobu and our niece Hanna visit from California! We have had so much fun together! The beautiful tulips are in bloom here in Washington and so we visited La Conner to see them. The sun was out and it was a nice warm(ish) day! Today is Easter Sunday and we visited church this morning and then had lunch at my parents home. After lunch the 7 children went outside and collected Easter eggs in their buckets! The little girls, Emmi and Hanna did great getting the eggs and had fun playing with them at the house all afternoon.

The Kubotas will go home tomorrow evening. Kai, Noah and Emmi will miss Hanna a lot!!! It has been so fun together. We are enjoying that we live much closer to each other!
Enjoy the pictures!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Noah was mad

I woke up today with no plans. After Kai went to school Noah, Emmi and I just took the morning slow. Around 10am I decided to head downtown Seattle with the kids to visit the Uwajimaya there and get some rice and other groceries. During the car ride through Seattle Emmi started getting so excited! She looked out her window at all the tall buildings and started swinging her arms and feet in the air! I guess she is a little "city girl". :) After our trip to the grocery store we went to University Village which is near Takeshi's work. We met him there and had lunch together. We had fun but soon needed to head home for Emmi's nap. Noah wanted to play on the toys at U. Village but I said no. He was so sad. When we got back inside the car he was grunting and making funny noises. I said "Noah, do you need help?" He said "No, mommy I'm just trying sooooo hard!" I had no idea what he was talking about! I turned around and looked at him and he said "I'm just trying so hard to hold in my naughties!" Ahhh! I laughed so hard. I'm sure he wanted to be so mad, maybe kick the seat or something but he knew that would be a bad idea. He is so cute, even when he's mad!

Friday, April 8, 2011

I saved the flower beds!

I'm sure it has been at least a year since I weeded any of our flower beds. I was content to let them turn into grass/weeds and just be mowed by the lawn mower. This Spring I'm feeling different. Maybe it's the (little bit) sunshine or that my kids can more easily be outside with me, or maybe it's that I just want to look at pretty flowers. Whatever it is, today I weeded. I started with just one easy corner flower bed that was not yet filled with grass. I then looked at my finished product with a smile and started on the second flower bed. The second one I had to actually save from almost complete grass takeover! I dug and dug until my back hurt, but I overturned the dirt and it looked BEAUTIFUL! I found all our medium sized rocks and set them around the flower bed for a border. It looks nice I must say. :) I started on the third flower bed but it will take some time and Emmi was up from her nap. That one will have to wait for another inspiring sunny day. It's nice to feel excited about what the kids and I can plant and watch grow a little each day! I love spring!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Blessed Mommy!

I enjoyed my day today with my kids so much!

This week the boys don't have school because of Spring break and I thought a whole week with 3 kids would be so hard but I was wrong! The week has been wonderful! I think because of no school we have been able to fill our time more easily. We've had friends over to play, gone to visit family for dinner, lots of art projects, playing outside, cleaning and tomorrow we plan to go to the bakery and then the beach!

Today I was given a sweet gift from Emmi. She took a 3 hour nap!!! Happy mommy!!! While she napped I cleaned, cooked and played with the boys. I wanted the boys to take a rest so we went into my bed and read some books. Kai has this small book called a "Bob Book". It has only 2 or 3 words on each page and it's very easy to read. He LOVES to read it to me. You can see on his face how proud he is of himself! I love the smile on his face! He reads the story to Noah and Emmi too and they love it. After the books I told the kids a story I made up. Oh it was so funny! We laughed and laughed when Noah would add a little to the story. It was a memorable afternoon with my boys. I need to take the time with them more and just make up stories together. Really, it was amazing to laugh so hard with my kids! Refreshing!

Monday, April 4, 2011

A little fun in the morning!

I bought some finger paints for the kids a couple days ago. I have never been brave enough to try this but we needed a few things to fill up our spring break days. Noah asked "how do I make purple?" It was a fun and creative lesson for 9:30am! I just wish the fun would have lasted longer than 15 minutes! :) Maybe this afternoon I will try it with Emmi. I'm a little worried she will eat the paint or put it in her hair! :)