Friday, March 25, 2011

Visit to Grandma's House

The sun is out and it looked like a nice day for a drive and visit so Noah, Emmi and I went up to Marysville to visit Grandma Wetzel! We have a great morning and lunch together. Grandma is doing very well. She mowed her grass Wednesday all by herself! She is a strong 84 year old lady! Noah and Emmi had fun wondering around outside and looking at all the fun things in her yard.

Here are a few pictures from our morning together!
Sorry, my camera is really bad!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Well Kai's second pair of glasses broke yesterday. I don't think it was any one thing that broke them, I think it was just a lot of bumps and wiggles from the the boy wearing them that added up to "broken". Luckily they are fixable and the kids are being added to Takeshi's work insurance next month so Kai will be getting an extra pair of glasses soon. Whew! I'm thankful!
I'm just happy he wears them (must mean he needs them right?). He never asks to take them off.
Takeshi got an I-Phone 2 days ago. He says "My world is so much wider now!" He's happy! He's sitting on the couch next to me playing the free games on it. He's slicing fruit and cutting ropes and already addicted. :) Now I just need one right?

Noah is looking so handsome with his new haircut! My little Noah is growing up so fast. I have a funny story about him. My sister bought Noah a little toy car for his birthday. It changes color when it is warm or cold. Noah wants his car to be the "cold color" all the time. He figured out that he could get the car wet with cold water and change the color whenever he wants. So he filled the bathroom sink with water and goes in and soaks the car when he wants to change the color..... Well that wasn't good enough. Today, I found his car in the refrigerator!!!!! I laughed so hard when I saw it! He says that is how he keeps it the color he wants it! The only problem is that now he can't play with it! Silly boy!

Miss Emmi is SO BUSY! She finds her way up on all my chairs even when they are pushed into the table. Trouble! I can't let her out of my sight! Today she tried to unfold all my laundry. She thinks it's funny when she gets in trouble.... Grrr! Tonight she only wanted chicken and rice for dinner - no veggies! I wouldn't give her rice and she cried and cried. I wanted her to eat her veggies. Takeshi sat with her and offered her a carrot and she put her little hands over her eyes and cried so hard. Takeshi and I laughed - she was SO cute! I'm happy to say she did eat her veggies and then got her rice! Good girl! :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My mind keeps me up at night. I had trouble falling asleep until after midnight because I watched new video footage of the tsunami damage in Japan. Each person's story just breaks my heart and I'm left feeling so helpless. I hate that feeling. All I'm left with are my prayers. The kids and I prayed for Japan this afternoon and again during our dinner time. It's hard to pray specifically because we don't know anyone by name who lost their home or family but I know our prayers still reach God. I find comfort in that.

Monday, March 14, 2011

No Facebook for Lent

When my dad suggested one Sunday a few weeks ago that we all pick something to give up for Lent (40 days) I just ignored him. Facebook has been an overindulgence in my life but I honestly did not want to give it up. My husband so kindly suggested I give up desserts to which I quickly agreed to get the subject off "My Facebook". Takeshi then asked me "Well, I can't pick it for you. You need to decided what you should give up.... what is taking up to much of your time and attention?" Well the obvious answer was Facebook, darn it! I sat and added up in my head that I probably spent 1 hour and 30 min (at least) a day on the website deeply involved in other peoples ongoing drama, updates on new babies, what people were making for dinner and of course the common complaint about the weather or funny things their children were doing.

It is true I needed to give up Facebook for 40 days. It was wasting away too much of my day.

I agreed but I had the thought, "What is Lent anyway?" I have heard of it but never participated in it. I don't remember my (Pastor) father ever encouraging me or the church to be involved before.

Here is the general description: Lent marks a 40-day period between Ash Wednesday — when Jesus Christ began a time of fasting in preparation of his Crucifixion — and Easter, when his resurrection occurred. As a general rule, Christians give up activities of vice during the Lenten period.

So to help me focus on what is most important I've taken out Facebook.
God has a sence of humor in all of this too. 2 days after my choice to stay off the website my computer broke! It is like He was going to guarantee I focused on better things. I now don't have a computer during the day.... all day.... ahhhh! It's hard! I have to wait for Takeshi to come home so I can use his to check my e-mail, which by the way NO ONE e-mails me anymore. I have them all trained to use Facebook. Grrrrr!!!!!

There has been some good! I have spent a lot more time cleaning, reading to my kids, visiting with friends and reading my Bible. All things that for my wasted 1 hour and 30 min. a day got pushed to the side. I have about 30 more days to go and I'm happy with my choice. Ridiculous as it sounds I've learned I can live without Facebook and the world is still spinning round and God is still in control. Good things to learn.

The hardest challenge came just 3 days ago when Japan had their HUGE earthquake and tsunami. I know people wanted to know if our family in Japan was ok. My mother and sister actually posted for me to let friends know they were doing ok.

You cannot get time back and I was waisting to much of my God-given time checking into other people's business. I can see that now. So far.... I'm a fan of Lent.
By the way, my sweet husband is participating as well in Lent. He has given up his favorite Japanese cartoons. I know he misses them but he's doing well.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake & Tsunami

Hi Friends!
Thanks for your concern for Takeshi's family in Japan!
His parents live in the Saitama prefecture and felt the quake but were not harmed.
The tsunami did not affect them. Thank you for keeping them in your prayers.
It is very sad to sit here at our home and watch the t.v. footage of the damage. It is hard to believe that we were just there 9 days ago. We are so thankful to God that were were home when the earthquake occurred but our hearts break for those who have lost so much.
Thank you again for keeping Takeshi's family in your prayers. The earthquakes are still continuing so there is still a small concern for them.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Emmi got a hair cut!
Tonight the kids and I had dinner at Charity's home. Both our husbands had to work late so we enjoyed the evening with all 6 kids! She cuts hair in her home and I think did a great job on wiggly little Emmi!

The boys had a blast playing in all the dress up clothes and playing hide-in-seek with Taylor and Myles. Our six kids are loud and can make a huge mess but it was a very enjoyable night!
Thanks Charity!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Home and Jet lag

We are back home safe and sound from our trip to Japan! It was a wonderful trip where we got to see lots of family there and make good memories with them! Those memories are precious to Takeshi and I. Being an ocean away from half of your family is hard but these trips remind us that an ocean isn't that big and 2 weeks together CAN make up for a year apart. My Japanese family was so kind and generous to us. 3 children can make big messes and eat a lot of food, oh and produce a lot of laundry. Takeshi's mother always had on a smile, even while making another piece of toast for her grandson's who could eat a whole loaf! They often commented how the bread in Japan was their favorite!

Our plane ride home was long. We had 2 flights: one from Japan to Vancouver CA and then Canada to Seattle. The second was the hardest being so tired but we managed fine. For some reason Kai could not sleep on the flight home.... but Noah and Emmi both slept 6 hours! Kai made up for the sleep last night. He slept from 6pm - 10am the next morning!!! We will be back to normal soon. :)

We have been enjoying all the photos we took. Emmi still says "Hanna" often! I will post a last picture of all of the family together after Takeshi returns this evening. It is a special photo because it's the last one of us all together in Japan for a while. Takeshi's sister and her husband and daughter are moving to California later this month.
It's good to be home but even better that our hearts are full of love and fond memories! I love family time!