Thursday, January 20, 2011

Noah's "Friend"

Noah has an imaginary friend. You will laugh..... his name is "Friend" and he is a little tiny snail. Only Noah can see this little friend. For about 1 year Noah has talked about his imaginary friend but recently he talks about him often. It's really sweet.

Noah has had a yucky cold for about 5 days now and I've kept him home from preschool because they are very strict about No Sick Kids. So instead of school I took Noah and Emmi to visit my mom at work and then to visit Takeshi's office. In the car Noah was talking about his "Friend". He said "Mom, what is really small, green and round?" I said "Hmmmm, I don't know, what?" Noah said "My Friend!" I should have gotten that one.... :)

Noah talks about him while Kai is here, even when other friends are visiting. He plays with him outside and even told me once that we left him in the car! Hahaha!!!! Before bed sometimes I give his "Friend" a kiss. It's so sweet! It's like he will suddenly remember him, and start walking around with his little hand out flat. I guess that is where "Friend" likes to sit. This is just one more thing about Noah that makes him SOOOO cute and special!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Talking with Kai

Every night our kids go to bed around 7pm. I know that is early but they are up early too. Takeshi and I enjoy our evenings alone to talk, watch t.v. or read. The kids get their pajamas on, brush teeth, read a book or two and then we pray with them.

Tonight I went to check on the boys around 7:30pm and Noah was already asleep but Kai was still up looking at a few books. I had the idea to climb in bed with him and talk a bit. He loves to talk. I only asked him a few questions and for the 10 minutes I was in there he talked most of the time! He loves to be listened to! We talked about his new haircut, his school friends, his favorite books, who we will see tomorrow and about what I liked to do when I was a kid like him. It was 10 minutes of time but I felt like it was very important. Often the day is so full and busy we don't sit and talk for to long.

As I as climbing down from his top bunk bed he asked if tomorrow night daddy could come and get in his bed and talk with him. I said "Of course!" I love that kid!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-11 has been crazy!

I know the date probably means nothing, but today has been really crazy!

Noah was at preschool only 20 min. when his teacher called me and said I needed to come to the school. Noah tipped over his chair and fell onto another chair and split his lip in two places! Poor little guy has a huge lip! I went to the school and checked him out. He had blood all over his shirt and his cheeks. :( I brought him home and got him a nice cold Popsicle. I called his doctor but they said he will not need stitches unless it's really really deep. I'm hoping he is fine.

Then around noon Kai's school teacher called me. Kai broke his glasses (not his nice pair). His teacher could not really figure out how....? She tried to fix them with tape but she said they are probably broken for good. I'm thankful Kai has a second pair!

I hope Takeshi's birthday tomorrow will be more calm. My mom is coming over to stay the night so Takeshi and I can go away until Thursday. Sheeesh!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Then there was peace...

The day was not busy, but it was still a hard day.
It was the kind of day where when you sit down for a moment to do something for yourself.... like eat, you realize how much you have poured out and not refilled up! I had not taken the time to read my Bible. I know the reason I feel a bit weary tonight. I always feel encouraged as a wife and mother when I have read in my Bible.

Today Noah was a normal difficult 3 year old. He didn't want to obey, he wanted a lot of my attention and he was tired - but took no nap. All of that was draining. Emmi had a hard day too. She only took one nap for 30 minutes. I tried later to put her down but she wouldn't sleep.

Tonight my sweet niece and nephew are over to play while Kathy & Jason are out to dinner. I tried SO hard to put Emmi to bed but she just cried and cried....
As I was rocking her to sleep Jossy kept walking by the door looking at me and wanting my attention. She kept saying "You play blocks with me", "You come with me". My heart wanted to go with her, I felt so bad that she has been waiting already 15 min. for me but Emmi was still awake and crying. :(
I sat in Emmi's room and felt tired. I felt pulled by the kids, by what I needed to do before tomorrow and all that I wanted to do for myself.

Then I felt God's tug at my heart, I felt Him say "Get filled up, so you can pour out". I was reminded of what I've known for a long time. My God gives me my daily strength. Digging deep within myself to satisfy is never going to be enough. Then there was peace.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Little Pirates

Thank You auntie Nao for the fun sweat shirts!

All three are matching and SUPER cute! The kids were very excited to wear them to school this morning and show their friends! I took some pictures so you all can see them. Notice in Noah's photo that a certain Big Brother likes to always have a little of the attention.... :)

Thank you also Baachan & Jiichan! We miss you all SOOOO much!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


His name is Noah and when he's sick, he's CRANKY!
I have got to remember to tell his sweet wife 2 major things (if she doesn't notice already).
When Noah is really tired or sick he is a cranky pants.
I love my sweet Noah, I really really do!
He is my snuggle bug and my forever ready to play buddy. It's just when he is sick it's his way or watch out! I know he doesn't feel well. We all have a melt down now and then when we are tired or sick.
For some reason Noah takes it above the line that Kai and Emmi have. When Kai is sick he lays around, sleeps and hardly moves. Emmi wants to be held and also sleeps more.
Noah, my love, won't stay put, won't nap and gets mad when you want him to.
He is harder to deal with, today was hard. I'm praying tomorrow he feels much better!