Monday, November 14, 2011


I've been thinking about this blog post for a few days. The growing and learning lessons just keep coming lately for our whole family! Takeshi and I have had new challenges with Kai at school and although we have jumped in with both feet, the lessons keep coming..... for us....adults.

Up 'till now our parenting has mostly been like this.... say please and thank you, take your foot off the table, don't lie, obey right away, clean your room, don't push your brother/sister! Kind of simple parenting now that I think about it. Kai has now come upon a lot more heart and attitude issues that Takeshi and I have had to talk him through. The strange and awesome thing is.... God has been talking with us about the same issues as adults - I guess they are life lessons.

Takeshi and I have been working with Kai on being a good listener to his friends and asking them questions about things that interest them. Kai wore one of his Lil' Kickers shirts to school and came home telling me about how he told all his classmates that his daddy works here! He was happy to share about playing soccer with his daddy! It was the perfect moment to say "Kai did you ask your friends what they like to do with their daddy?" "No" Kai said. I know he's only 7, and these are social life lessons we all get to learn..... people love to talk and don't always listen readily. So that night over dinner we did a funny role play between Noah and Kai. Noah talked about his school and Kai was a good listener then Noah asked Kai about his school and listened to Kai answer. Oh goodness! Such a simple idea but we all need to practice this I'm learning!

God is talking to me through my children!!!! I SOOOOO need to listen better, be a better friend and ask more questions showing I care about what my friends care about! This is just one lesson, there have been a handful that I've been sifting through this last week.

I see in Kai, myself, and my struggles. Kai loves to appear to have it all figured out. I'm the same. I don't have it all together. I asked myself.... when was the last time I told anyone besides Takeshi that I had a bad day? Showing honest vulnerability is hard for me with friends. Now, I see we are raising children to carry on those same characteristics. My eyes were opened to how showing my emotions and challenges more can actually bring me closer to friends! Wow!

Just a few thoughts.... :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Soft Heart

It's not easy watching your children go through difficult times. Takeshi and I have watched Kai struggle with first grade peers at school. His studies have been good but he has not found a good friend yet. Last week he cried when I didn't walk him to his class door. I had gotten stuck moving a little slower while walking with Emmi and we got separated. I didn't think much about it, he knows where his class is just fine. The next day his teacher told me he was crying in class because he didn't say good-bye to me. I was so surprised! When I asked him about it he said, "Well we always say good-bye. My whole life we have been together so I just wanted to give you a hug." He is such a soft hearted boy lately!

Then Monday my neighbor took him to school in the morning and just 5 min. later called me to say Kai was crying at school and didn't want to go! I had her bring him back home and Takeshi and I talked with him. We got out of him through the tears that the school work is hard and he feels overwhelmed and some kids have said they don't want to be his friend anymore. I wanted to cry with him but didn't. I'm glad Takeshi was home so I didn't have to talk with him alone. We talked about an hour and then Takeshi took him back when the tears were gone. Talking seems to ease his little heart.

We've been e-mailing his teacher and talking a lot more when he comes home from school. I think his little heart just wants a best friend. So many of the kids speak Spanish in his class. He is one of the only boys that doesn't speak the language, that may isolate him.

I don't know what to think. Takeshi and I have gone from "Oh he's fine!" to "Let's think about a new school". We would never move him.... it's just our parent hearts hurting for him. We have been praying for him daily and with him each morning before he leaves. That encouragement seems to be helping! God has him in his hands and we have to trust our baby will grow and be strong from all the social lessons he's learning. Time will tell! We are hoping 1st grade turns a good corner soon!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Kai, Noah and Emmi

It's been a full week with kid stuff!
Monday started with Halloween and Noah just getting over being sick. I was glad I didn't have to tell him that he'd have to miss all the candy grabbing! Noah was right up there running with the rest of the kids, thankfully! Kai was Spider Man, Noah was the Flash and Emmi was Tinkerbell. The weather was cold but no rain.... Yeah! We have gobs and gobs of candy and Takeshi and I are helping the kids by eating a few pieces each evening. :)

Emmi has "big girl panties" on now! This is the big news at our home! For a couple of months she has slowly been more and more interested in using the toilet and suddenly she just started telling me before she wet her diaper! So I just started putting her on the toilet, then one day she pooed on it! We all piled into the car and got her new underwear at Target, she loves wearing them! Day two and she only had one accident! My head is spinning..... can this be true! She isn't even 2 yet!?!?! It's wonderful and so unlike the boys! She has been so easy! Time will tell how all this works out..... she is very young still. :)

Kai and Noah are enjoying school. The Thanksgiving holiday is about here. Noah has been singing songs in the car that he is learning for their school Thanksgiving party. He makes me laugh! He loves music.... dancing, singing, jumping, clapping and wiggling to music!
Kai I think is still trying to find his groove in first grade. He has good friends and is reading, doing math and spelling well he just is really emotional lately. I honestly think he's tired. His school days are full and 2 days a week we also have swimming. Still, he's coming home with good reports and a smile. Takeshi plans to take Kai out on a daddy/Kai morning tomorrow. They will get food and play some soccer together and visit the Lego store in Bellevue. This will be good for Kai, he likes 1 on 1 time.

They grow up too fast!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kai's Parent/Teacher Conference

Today was our parent/teacher conference with Kai's first grade teacher Mrs. Mckinney! We all (our whole family) went to the classroom at 3:30pm and met her. She was kind and told us how wonderful Kai is doing in class! She showed us his reading levels and they are right on with first grade level and a bit better! Good job Kai! Mrs. Mckinney said Kai is very kind to others, happy and has many friends! Her only area that Kai needed to work on was adding more detail to his drawings....we heard this same thing in Kindergarten. :) We are proud of you Kai!

Kai's first grade year is off to a wonderful start!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkins and Curry!

Today was a full one!

This morning I went up the "The Farm" with Noah and Emmi. Noah's preschool had a field trip up there.... even in the rain and mud. It was fun and the kids got to ride on a hay bale behind a tractor, pet animals, pick out a pumpkin and stomp in mud puddles! Noah loved seeing all his school friends! Emmi got to pet a little kitty, she was very gentle and sweet.

After Kai came home from school we packed up or things and went over to a friends house for dinner! We each made a curry to share! I made a Japanese curry and she made an Indian curry! It was yummy and so much fun. All the kids played well together and we laughed often! I'm so thankful for good friends! After we came back home Kai said "Mom I had so much fun today!" He was the oldest of the kids and loved that they LOVED all his games and ideas!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


This same subject keeps coming up lately with my boys.... Be careful with your words.
Both Kai and Noah have had moments recently where they said something that could potentially really hurt another person's feelings.

On Friday Noah, Emmi and I waited at Kai's school for him to get out of class. While we waited a class of Kindergartners came out and walked by us. Noah noticed one girl and made a comment after she walked by that was not kind. He was making an honest observation but if that girl would have over heard Noah it would have really hurt her feelings! I got down next to Noah and told him that was not kind and that he should not say things like that! His words can hurt people or help them and those words would have hurt that girls heart if she heard them! Noah started to cry, he felt bad. This is the second time I've had to correct him recently.

I honestly for a moment felt bad that I made Noah cry in public, there were lots of parents waiting around. I talked quietly to him so it was private but he was embarrassed.
Sometimes being a parent is not fun. That was a hard conversation to have with Noah but I'm sure that was an important one. Ahhhh! Growing up is hard!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just a "Normal" day...

I haven't blogged in about 2 months... sorry.... I should update you on the triathlon or how my kids are doing in school (great by the way). Instead I have got to update you on the day I had today! It was memorable to say the least!

This morning I went to Poulsbo on the ferry with Emmi, Noah and my friend Melissa and her son Jacob. We went there to visit a friend and her son for her birthday! It was a wonderful outing and the kids did great! I got home just in time to pick Kai up from school. We got back home and Kai and Noah got out of the car and went and stood by the front door waiting for me to open it. I did what I usually do and tossed the keys to Kai. This time however, instead of giving them to Kai, I tossed them up onto the roof of our home!!! Oh. My. Word. How stupid was that....!?!?! Kai was about to wet his pants and we needed to leave for swimming lessons in 1 hour! Grrrrrrrr! We had an extra house key hidden in the back yard so Kai ran and got it and got into the house quick. I still needed the keys so I put the bags inside the house and started walking over to the neighbors to borrow their ladder. While I was about across the street I hear Kai yell out the door "Mom, Emmi just locked herself inside the bathroom!" Oh my goodness Emmi Grace!!!! My sweet neighbor helped Emmi out of the bathroom while I got the ladder out! Yeah for sweet neighbors! I climbed up the ladder, got the keys and tossed them to the ground. Emmi, my sweet daughter then grabs them and set up my car alarm!

Sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh at what life gives you!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer Ends

School is starting very soon for my boys. I think Kai starts 9/7 and Noah starts 9/8. Yesterday was Noah's preschool orientation. We spent about 45 minutes in his class room meeting his teachers and checking out all the fun areas. His classroom looks very inviting and relaxed. This is Noah's last year in preschool .... sniff, sniff .... he's growing up too fast!

Today we can find out who Kai's 1st grade teacher will be. I think this afternoon we will walk to the school and take a look at the list. I don't know if Kai knows any of the teachers but just so we can have a name to look forward to we'll check it out.

I don't know where the summer went! If felt short this year. The weather was not very good, but that can be normal for Seattle I know. No big trips but we did visit our families cabin on Camano Island 5 or 6 times for day trips and the boys did swimming lessons all summer long - we actually just signed them up for more! I was thinking to end the summer right today I'd help the boys make a lemonade stand out in our side yard! :) Kai has been asking to do that - it's such a fun kid thing to do!

School will be here soon. Kai will be gone from 8:30am - 3:10 every weekday. I've gotten really used to him being here - he's been super helpful with Emmi! Noah will miss his playmate! I know Kai will LOVE 1st grade and learn so much! He's 7 already, that's a big boy! I've gotten really used to 3 kids 24/7 and I will be sad when Kai and Noah are gone but Emmi and I will fill the hours. Summer ends and school begins, it's the rhythm of our life. I just wish the kids would stay small a bit longer....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Practice Mini Triathlon

We did it!!!! We finished our practice race tonight and did amazing!
A mini triathlon is 1/4 mile swim, 6 mile bike and 1.5 mile run. It's exactly half the distance of the race I'm doing with my mom and aunt in September.

We did another mini practice race in July but the course was very difficult and although we did well, we didn't finish each event.... it was our first run at it. Tonight was a much better story! I am crazy PROUD of the three women who did this race with me!!! All three (mom, aunt and friend) are in their 50's and this is their first triathlon! Seriously, it takes a lot of courage to swim in a lake way out into the deep water THEN get on a bicycle THEN run! These beautiful ladies have come so far and have conquered so many fears to get to this point! Every week we are stretching ourselves and learning more. There have been some hard moments but the last few weeks we have had a lot more successes and I'm feeling super excited to cross that finish line together!

Our race is in just 5 weeks and we are going to rock it!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Reducing the school papers!

We did it! Today I went to Target and got boxes for both Kai and Noah to put their 2010 -2011 school papers in. The boxes are not that big and I told the boys that whatever won't fit we will have to find another place for... not our home! :)

I thought for sure there would be many tears but we had none! Kai and Noah picked through their pile (Kai had TONS of papers) very seriously. They kept about 1/3 of the pile and put it into a nice box. My favorite part is that boy boys wrote their name on the box with a sharpie marker! It will be so fun to remember how they wrote their name each year! They are very proud of their box and enjoy looking though it and talking about each paper or art work! It all took about 45 min and now my counter is all cleared off of school file folders! Happy mommy!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Lil' Kickers Soccer!

Today was "soccer day" for Kai and Noah! The boys haven't done a soccer class since last summer so they were very excited, especially Kai! At school Kai has really enjoyed playing soccer at recess with other classmates and daily after school he comes home and wants to kick the ball with Noah or I. He loves soccer right now, and he's getting good!

The classes were outside on a turf field. Noah was in the 3 & 4 yr. old class with only 3 kids and Kai was in the 6 & 7 yr. old class with about 10 kids. Emmi and I walked back and forth and watched each boy play games and have fun for the 50 minutes. Kai did amazing! He was fast and you could tell he was very comfortable with the ball! He loved the class and even scored a goal! Noah was enjoying the class but not as much as Kai. When Noah's class was almost over I walked over to watch the end and they were playing a game. Noah's face did not look happy at all! He ran from one end of the field straight to me and started crying so hard!!! His cheeks were red and he was so upset. After about 5 min. with him I gathered that he didn't like that last game they played (that he won). The game was called "get out of my yard" and involved the kids trying to get from one side to the other without being hit (gently) with a soccer ball. The whole idea scared Noah and so he ran so hard and so fast to escape the balls! He won the game but was in tears because of it. :) Noah is so sensitive sometimes. I've decided to ask Judah to come next week to the class with us so that Noah has a buddy he knows and will hopefully enjoy the games more.

Oh and Emmi was one BUSY girl! She cheered on her big brothers, took her shoes off, emptied my bag while I took a picture and drank out of another child's cup! Oh Emmi! I love her!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Swimming & Cars2

Kai and Noah had their first swimming lesson today. They have 6 weeks of lessons 2 times a week. It went great! The boys had fun and were excited to share what they learned! This is going to be a fun summer for them! After the pool we ate dinner and then Takeshi took Kai and Noah to see the movie Cars2! They boys were sooo super excited! The movie was in 3D so they got to wear the glasses and of course some popcorn always makes movies fun!

Welcome summer!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New to Coupon(ing)

I'm so proud and have to share that I FINALLY figured out this whole couponing thing! Our mom's group at church had a special speaker come in and teach us how to do it! I have always wondered how people get so much for free or really really cheap from the grocery store! I get it now and it helps that my husband is totally into it too! We have saved so much money by just paying attention to what is on sale each week at the store and combining those sales with the coupons that come in the mail!

You would laugh if you saw Takeshi and I sitting on the floor of our living room matching up coupons and making lists of what to buy at each grocery store! It takes more effort to visit different stores but when you get the food you use all the time for almost free it's worth the little trips and effort!

Recently we got a bathroom cleaner, band-aids and clothing stain wipes for just $$2 at target because of coupons! At Safeway I got a free deodorant last week! Takeshi went to Rite Aid over the weekend and got 2 body washes & toothpaste for just $3! Sweet! At QFC we got 4 bags of groceries (that we will use) for just $27, normally it all would have been $50!

It's fun to get great deals on the things we use normally!
Here are the website I use and where Takeshi and I have learned the most!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Kai Reading

I'm going to take a minute and brag on Kai!

Takeshi and I are so proud of him! He's reading everything that he can! If we are outside walking he will just start reading the signs on buildings or street signs. Tonight he read a book to Noah and I that is a pretty new book! I do not remember reading when I was in Kindergarten. I'm just so impressed with how well he can read already!

2 days ago I came around the corner into the living room and he was sitting on the floor reading a book to Emmi! It made my heart smile. The book was from the library too so it was a book he had not read before! It is all just another step in "growing up" for Kai and we are so proud!

Monday, June 13, 2011

It's only a season.

A friend and I were chatting the other day about how hard it is to keep our homes as clean as we would like. We laughed at how similar our homes were when we shared that there were always clothes on the floor in the bathroom or dishes in the kitchen sink. We both found in that moment this sense of "you are the same as me"!

It's no secret that my home is not all put together, not even close! There are always clothes to be folded, toys to be put away, clutter on an end table and dust on my t.v. With three kids playing, undressing, eating and building blanket forts - things get messy. I strive to keep up with the chaos but usually it beats me. At the end of the day I try to have the dishwasher running and the clean clothes folded but I will admit that there are many days I can't keep up. I do at times feel disappointed in myself. I tell myself - this is my job, I should be able to have it all put together better than this! The conversation I had with my friend was kind of liberating. To know that at that very moment her bathroom floor had clothes on it was some how filling me with grace for myself, and others!

I read on another blog someone write that they feel more relaxed when they walk into a home that is not perfect. They feel accepted and at ease when the perfection level isn't too high. I totally agree! I don't mean this to be an excuse for why my home will never be 100 % clean but it helped me relax about it! I do have 5 people living in my home, why hide that? Why stress over that? So I'm gonna keep on plugging away with the unmatched socks and dirty dishes and know that if it all doesn't get done today.... my home will still be open to friends and family and can still be a place to relax and enjoy each other!

When the kids are grown I will miss the toys on the floor and finding sippy cups inside of there bed covers. It's all a season so embrace it and enjoy the season you are in.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

5k fun run

Today the kids and I had to be out of the house by 7am! Thankfully Takeshi was able to help me a bit before he had to leave for work. I made some banana pancakes and we all ate in the car! :) I had signed up for a 5k race in Snohomish that started at 9am. We picked up my aunt, who ran with me and also Addy my babysitter, who watched the kids while we ran.

It was a great day! Perfect weather for a jog! We ran along a paved path that was beautiful, out in the country, had horses, chickens and lots of happy birds! As I ran I was reminded of just how much I love running! It meant a lot to have the kids there! I hope someday to do a race with each of them. :)

The race today was in support of a group that organizes adoptions. We raised enough money to almost cover the total cost for 2 families to adopt their children! It felt good to help!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Looking forward to heaven!

I just finished reading a book faster than I have ever read a 150 page book. I read it so fast because it was THAT good! It's a simple and easy to read book, "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo. The book, I believe, is the true story of Todd's son who at the age of almost 4 had a life saving surgery and after about 3 months began talking about his -trip to heaven-!

As I read the book I was continually struck with goosebumps and jaw dropping moments! Over the 2 days I read the book I kept stopping to catch Takeshi up on the story and he also would say "oooohhh! I have goosebumps too!"

The book left me longing to meet Jesus and be in heaven. I'm anxious to see my family members who have gone there before me, to meet Emmi's twin. The little boy in the story, Colton said "Jesus really really loves us!" That theme was all through the book. God's deep and reaching love!

If you have the chance to read this book, do it! It's a beautiful reminder of what awaits those who have invited Jesus into their lives. If you are not sure who Jesus is or what you believe about heaven, this book will touch you in a new and real way. Heaven is for real!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

:) Happy

I'm feeling so happy these past few days! It must be partly due to the fact that Takeshi, I and Emmi were able to get out of town for the weekend and visit San Francisco. We got to stay with Takeshi's sister, brother-in-law and our niece Hanna! They live just about 20 min. from the big city! We had a wonderful and relaxing time. Watching only 1 child after having 3 normally was super easy and Takeshi and I got in lots of good talking time without kid interruptions.
Thank you again Masanobu & Nao!!!!!

The sun has been out a lot more too! The extra sunshine has helped my attitude a lot. I've enjoyed running outside with my mom and aunt each week. The weather has even aloud us to get in a good bike ride! I've noticed that when I exercise I feel more relaxed and energetic to play with the kids! I've had to really make an effort for my alone mommy time. Takeshi is really busy with his work right now. There have been a few times I've had to miss working out because he can't come home in time. I think I've gotten a lot better at being flexible..... I don't cry anymore when he says he won't be home 'till 8pm or later. :) He has gotten a lot better about making family time count. He jumps right in and helps at home and plays with the kids outside making good daddy memories. I love him!

My heart is full and thankful these days! God is so good and full of peace and love for us! Thank you God for your unending true and lasting joy! I'm truly happy and I know it's because my emotions and heart are tied to the one who loves me more than I can even imagine, God.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kid Stuff

I thought I'd write down some of the latest stuff the kids have been up to and into!

Kai gets to visit his school library every Monday and Friday. Monday is his very favorite day because he gets to pick out 3 new books of his choice. Oh the bliss of Kindergarten independence! He came home earlier this week with 3 books about Japan. Takeshi and I were surprised! The books are written on his level and all about Japanese culture, food, sports and all about how a family lives in Japan. He LOVES the books! He recently read a part about Sumo wrestling and Kendo. He was so interested. Takeshi showed him a Sumo & Kendo match on the computer this afternoon, all 3 kids watched with wide eyes! Takeshi loved sharing! It's funny, you just never can guess what the kids will be interested in! I think if we could find a place for Kai to learn Kendo he would love it!

Noah went to the doctor Monday for his 4 year check up (Emmi went too). Noah is average for his height and a little above average in his weight. :) He is very healthy! He may need glasses within the next two years..... his right eye didn't see the pictures as well on the chart as his left eye. :) Noah got two shots and didn't even flinch! Takeshi was ready to promise ice cream but Noah did great! Noah is still in love with the movie "Cars". A second movie is coming out in June (Cars 2) and every time a commercial comes on t.v. he totally stops moving and is mesmerized. We finally got Noah new shoes. His new shoes are so much bigger, poor kid was running around is shoes way too small! Oops! Now he says his new shoes make him "super fast".

Emmi is talking and talking and talking! She repeats almost any word. She is a busy bee and loves being outside. She often brings me her shoes or puts on Noahs shoes and stands by the door crying! I put Emmi in the "Time-Out" chair yesterday morning for the first time. She was crying at breakfast and wouldn't eat what I made her. I know she wanted something else but I was NOT going to make her another meal.... I'm not a chef at a restaurant!!! She was screaming and going on and on so I unbuckled her and set her in the chair. She cried even more but stayed there. After 2 min. I asked her to say "Sorry Mommy" and she did! I got a hug too! After that she ate her food! Yeah Emmi!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Okaasan (Mother)

My husband and I are about to celebrate our 9th year married! Meeting Takeshi 13 years ago was one of the best gifts that God ever brought my way! Takeshi is from Japan and almost all his family is living there, including my in-laws. I remember my first time meeting Takeshi's parents. I was a young (and stupid) 19 year old. Thinking back to that first meeting and following 2 weeks I don't think I put my very best foot forward but here is where my sweet Mother-in-law shines! I met Takeshi's mom for the first time at the airport. She gave me a big hug and had on a smile that was as bright as the sun! If she was nervous about her son bringing "home" his American girlfriend, I sure didn't notice it. While there they took us to a beautiful city, Nikko I think it was called. We visited pottery shops, Japanese hot springs and old temples. We ate the best food and really had the best time. Looking back I wish I had said "Thank you" more and been a little more adventurous with the food. Now I would eat all that crazy stuff in a heartbeat!

My sweet Mother-in-law was so patient with me over the years!
She has a heart of gold! Takeshi's mom is small but she has a lot to say. I wish often I could have a long conversation with her but our language barrier gets in the way. In spite of that most of the time we do get to share fun times and simple conversations mean a lot. She is a positive person. She wants the very best for her children and grandchildren.

I really felt my admiration for her grow when I had Kai. As Kai grew I began to understand just how much Takeshi's mother must miss him and how much she loved him that she never has asked him to return to Japan. I have 2 sons and a daughter and I don't know how I could ever be that far apart from them. I think she misses us but sees us happy and so she is happy. That is how amazing she is! She is not selfish at all! I have a lot to learn from her!

I call her Okaasan in Japanese that means "Mother". She is so many wonderful qualities that make her a great mother! I'm happy to call her Okaasan.
Happy Mother's Day Okaasan!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Having a mom and being a mom...

My mom is a beautiful woman. She is generous, kind-hearted, filled with wisdom and always ready for an adventure. I remember once while I was in college I came home one weekend and woke up to my mom saying "Hey, let's go to Canada this morning!" It was only about 9am and within 30 min. or so our car was packed and ready for a day trip. I don't picture her bungee jumping or anything but she is going to do her first (of many) triathlons with me this coming September! :) That takes an adventures spirit for sure!

I went to my parents home about 2 weeks ago with all three kids. I brought dinner along with us since it was 6pm or so and I was going to run with my mom while dad watched Kai, Noah and Emmi. The kids were VERY loud and busy but happy! My mom said "Kelly, I just don't know how you do it with three kids!" I almost laughed out loud because she had THREE kids too. How could she really wonder how I do it when she lived my almost exact life just a few years ago. I said to her "Well, I guess I had a good mom who could do it and so if you see me having any success then you should take some credit!" I do have a good mom!

My favorite and most memorable moments with my mom: Coffee on Saturday mornings! It was probably only a few years that we did that each week together. It was between high school when I got married that each Saturday morning around 8:30 or 9am I'd smell or hear the coffee brewing and mom would be sitting down stairs in her chair reading the paper or a magazine. I'd put on my slippers and go get my cup of coffee and sit with her. We talked about all kinds of things, we laughed, we probably cried but I don't remember that.... When I got married and moved to another (near) city we didn't have that together anymore. I know she missed it for awhile, dad told me she did. I missed it too! I have a "good listener" for a mother!

Happy Mother's Day mom! (a real gift is coming, not just this note) :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Family Day Downtown

The sun came out today but it's still cold!
We decided to celebrate May 1st and the sun by heading downtown with the family.
We started at Green Lake where we walked about 1/3 of the way while the kids rode their scooter. After our nice long walk we drove downtown and walked through Pikes Place Market and bought some pretty flowers. We had lunch at the French Bakery and enjoyed a latte. The kids did the best ever! There were lots of people and lots to see! Kai and Noah ran everywhere we went. You would think they had never been outside before with how excited they were! One the car ride home all 3 kids slept. They must have recuperated enough because they are back outside playing in the front yard!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Origami & Laughing!

Kai's school is folding 1000 origami cranes to remember and support those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Kai's class started the fold and then Takeshi and I said we would finish each fold and give the cranes back to the school. Kai's teacher gave us 24 cranes to finish about 3 weeks ago. Takeshi and I didn't start working on them until just tonight.... the night before they are due. We just got busy and kept putting it off.

We might have put it off longer (bad parents!) except we went to Kai's school Open House to see all that Kai has been working on at school and while there we saw something so funny! Kai has been writing weekly in a journal - he's really good! Leave it to Kai to speak the truth even when it hurts.... He wrote in his journal (in Kai language) "Daddy is not folding the cranes. Oh no!" As soon as I read that I laughed out loud! The paper cranes have been sitting in a plastic bag in our living room we thought unnoticed. Looks like Kai has been secretly worried about daddy and mommy not doing our homework! Oops!!!

So last night Takeshi and got working and finished folding the cranes so Kai could take them to school the next morning! :) Kai is keeping us on our toes with his journal writing at school!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend Fun with Kubotas

This weekend we have been blessed to have Takeshi's sister Nao and her husband Masanobu and our niece Hanna visit from California! We have had so much fun together! The beautiful tulips are in bloom here in Washington and so we visited La Conner to see them. The sun was out and it was a nice warm(ish) day! Today is Easter Sunday and we visited church this morning and then had lunch at my parents home. After lunch the 7 children went outside and collected Easter eggs in their buckets! The little girls, Emmi and Hanna did great getting the eggs and had fun playing with them at the house all afternoon.

The Kubotas will go home tomorrow evening. Kai, Noah and Emmi will miss Hanna a lot!!! It has been so fun together. We are enjoying that we live much closer to each other!
Enjoy the pictures!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Noah was mad

I woke up today with no plans. After Kai went to school Noah, Emmi and I just took the morning slow. Around 10am I decided to head downtown Seattle with the kids to visit the Uwajimaya there and get some rice and other groceries. During the car ride through Seattle Emmi started getting so excited! She looked out her window at all the tall buildings and started swinging her arms and feet in the air! I guess she is a little "city girl". :) After our trip to the grocery store we went to University Village which is near Takeshi's work. We met him there and had lunch together. We had fun but soon needed to head home for Emmi's nap. Noah wanted to play on the toys at U. Village but I said no. He was so sad. When we got back inside the car he was grunting and making funny noises. I said "Noah, do you need help?" He said "No, mommy I'm just trying sooooo hard!" I had no idea what he was talking about! I turned around and looked at him and he said "I'm just trying so hard to hold in my naughties!" Ahhh! I laughed so hard. I'm sure he wanted to be so mad, maybe kick the seat or something but he knew that would be a bad idea. He is so cute, even when he's mad!

Friday, April 8, 2011

I saved the flower beds!

I'm sure it has been at least a year since I weeded any of our flower beds. I was content to let them turn into grass/weeds and just be mowed by the lawn mower. This Spring I'm feeling different. Maybe it's the (little bit) sunshine or that my kids can more easily be outside with me, or maybe it's that I just want to look at pretty flowers. Whatever it is, today I weeded. I started with just one easy corner flower bed that was not yet filled with grass. I then looked at my finished product with a smile and started on the second flower bed. The second one I had to actually save from almost complete grass takeover! I dug and dug until my back hurt, but I overturned the dirt and it looked BEAUTIFUL! I found all our medium sized rocks and set them around the flower bed for a border. It looks nice I must say. :) I started on the third flower bed but it will take some time and Emmi was up from her nap. That one will have to wait for another inspiring sunny day. It's nice to feel excited about what the kids and I can plant and watch grow a little each day! I love spring!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Blessed Mommy!

I enjoyed my day today with my kids so much!

This week the boys don't have school because of Spring break and I thought a whole week with 3 kids would be so hard but I was wrong! The week has been wonderful! I think because of no school we have been able to fill our time more easily. We've had friends over to play, gone to visit family for dinner, lots of art projects, playing outside, cleaning and tomorrow we plan to go to the bakery and then the beach!

Today I was given a sweet gift from Emmi. She took a 3 hour nap!!! Happy mommy!!! While she napped I cleaned, cooked and played with the boys. I wanted the boys to take a rest so we went into my bed and read some books. Kai has this small book called a "Bob Book". It has only 2 or 3 words on each page and it's very easy to read. He LOVES to read it to me. You can see on his face how proud he is of himself! I love the smile on his face! He reads the story to Noah and Emmi too and they love it. After the books I told the kids a story I made up. Oh it was so funny! We laughed and laughed when Noah would add a little to the story. It was a memorable afternoon with my boys. I need to take the time with them more and just make up stories together. Really, it was amazing to laugh so hard with my kids! Refreshing!

Monday, April 4, 2011

A little fun in the morning!

I bought some finger paints for the kids a couple days ago. I have never been brave enough to try this but we needed a few things to fill up our spring break days. Noah asked "how do I make purple?" It was a fun and creative lesson for 9:30am! I just wish the fun would have lasted longer than 15 minutes! :) Maybe this afternoon I will try it with Emmi. I'm a little worried she will eat the paint or put it in her hair! :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Visit to Grandma's House

The sun is out and it looked like a nice day for a drive and visit so Noah, Emmi and I went up to Marysville to visit Grandma Wetzel! We have a great morning and lunch together. Grandma is doing very well. She mowed her grass Wednesday all by herself! She is a strong 84 year old lady! Noah and Emmi had fun wondering around outside and looking at all the fun things in her yard.

Here are a few pictures from our morning together!
Sorry, my camera is really bad!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Well Kai's second pair of glasses broke yesterday. I don't think it was any one thing that broke them, I think it was just a lot of bumps and wiggles from the the boy wearing them that added up to "broken". Luckily they are fixable and the kids are being added to Takeshi's work insurance next month so Kai will be getting an extra pair of glasses soon. Whew! I'm thankful!
I'm just happy he wears them (must mean he needs them right?). He never asks to take them off.
Takeshi got an I-Phone 2 days ago. He says "My world is so much wider now!" He's happy! He's sitting on the couch next to me playing the free games on it. He's slicing fruit and cutting ropes and already addicted. :) Now I just need one right?

Noah is looking so handsome with his new haircut! My little Noah is growing up so fast. I have a funny story about him. My sister bought Noah a little toy car for his birthday. It changes color when it is warm or cold. Noah wants his car to be the "cold color" all the time. He figured out that he could get the car wet with cold water and change the color whenever he wants. So he filled the bathroom sink with water and goes in and soaks the car when he wants to change the color..... Well that wasn't good enough. Today, I found his car in the refrigerator!!!!! I laughed so hard when I saw it! He says that is how he keeps it the color he wants it! The only problem is that now he can't play with it! Silly boy!

Miss Emmi is SO BUSY! She finds her way up on all my chairs even when they are pushed into the table. Trouble! I can't let her out of my sight! Today she tried to unfold all my laundry. She thinks it's funny when she gets in trouble.... Grrr! Tonight she only wanted chicken and rice for dinner - no veggies! I wouldn't give her rice and she cried and cried. I wanted her to eat her veggies. Takeshi sat with her and offered her a carrot and she put her little hands over her eyes and cried so hard. Takeshi and I laughed - she was SO cute! I'm happy to say she did eat her veggies and then got her rice! Good girl! :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My mind keeps me up at night. I had trouble falling asleep until after midnight because I watched new video footage of the tsunami damage in Japan. Each person's story just breaks my heart and I'm left feeling so helpless. I hate that feeling. All I'm left with are my prayers. The kids and I prayed for Japan this afternoon and again during our dinner time. It's hard to pray specifically because we don't know anyone by name who lost their home or family but I know our prayers still reach God. I find comfort in that.

Monday, March 14, 2011

No Facebook for Lent

When my dad suggested one Sunday a few weeks ago that we all pick something to give up for Lent (40 days) I just ignored him. Facebook has been an overindulgence in my life but I honestly did not want to give it up. My husband so kindly suggested I give up desserts to which I quickly agreed to get the subject off "My Facebook". Takeshi then asked me "Well, I can't pick it for you. You need to decided what you should give up.... what is taking up to much of your time and attention?" Well the obvious answer was Facebook, darn it! I sat and added up in my head that I probably spent 1 hour and 30 min (at least) a day on the website deeply involved in other peoples ongoing drama, updates on new babies, what people were making for dinner and of course the common complaint about the weather or funny things their children were doing.

It is true I needed to give up Facebook for 40 days. It was wasting away too much of my day.

I agreed but I had the thought, "What is Lent anyway?" I have heard of it but never participated in it. I don't remember my (Pastor) father ever encouraging me or the church to be involved before.

Here is the general description: Lent marks a 40-day period between Ash Wednesday — when Jesus Christ began a time of fasting in preparation of his Crucifixion — and Easter, when his resurrection occurred. As a general rule, Christians give up activities of vice during the Lenten period.

So to help me focus on what is most important I've taken out Facebook.
God has a sence of humor in all of this too. 2 days after my choice to stay off the website my computer broke! It is like He was going to guarantee I focused on better things. I now don't have a computer during the day.... all day.... ahhhh! It's hard! I have to wait for Takeshi to come home so I can use his to check my e-mail, which by the way NO ONE e-mails me anymore. I have them all trained to use Facebook. Grrrrr!!!!!

There has been some good! I have spent a lot more time cleaning, reading to my kids, visiting with friends and reading my Bible. All things that for my wasted 1 hour and 30 min. a day got pushed to the side. I have about 30 more days to go and I'm happy with my choice. Ridiculous as it sounds I've learned I can live without Facebook and the world is still spinning round and God is still in control. Good things to learn.

The hardest challenge came just 3 days ago when Japan had their HUGE earthquake and tsunami. I know people wanted to know if our family in Japan was ok. My mother and sister actually posted for me to let friends know they were doing ok.

You cannot get time back and I was waisting to much of my God-given time checking into other people's business. I can see that now. So far.... I'm a fan of Lent.
By the way, my sweet husband is participating as well in Lent. He has given up his favorite Japanese cartoons. I know he misses them but he's doing well.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake & Tsunami

Hi Friends!
Thanks for your concern for Takeshi's family in Japan!
His parents live in the Saitama prefecture and felt the quake but were not harmed.
The tsunami did not affect them. Thank you for keeping them in your prayers.
It is very sad to sit here at our home and watch the t.v. footage of the damage. It is hard to believe that we were just there 9 days ago. We are so thankful to God that were were home when the earthquake occurred but our hearts break for those who have lost so much.
Thank you again for keeping Takeshi's family in your prayers. The earthquakes are still continuing so there is still a small concern for them.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Emmi got a hair cut!
Tonight the kids and I had dinner at Charity's home. Both our husbands had to work late so we enjoyed the evening with all 6 kids! She cuts hair in her home and I think did a great job on wiggly little Emmi!

The boys had a blast playing in all the dress up clothes and playing hide-in-seek with Taylor and Myles. Our six kids are loud and can make a huge mess but it was a very enjoyable night!
Thanks Charity!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Home and Jet lag

We are back home safe and sound from our trip to Japan! It was a wonderful trip where we got to see lots of family there and make good memories with them! Those memories are precious to Takeshi and I. Being an ocean away from half of your family is hard but these trips remind us that an ocean isn't that big and 2 weeks together CAN make up for a year apart. My Japanese family was so kind and generous to us. 3 children can make big messes and eat a lot of food, oh and produce a lot of laundry. Takeshi's mother always had on a smile, even while making another piece of toast for her grandson's who could eat a whole loaf! They often commented how the bread in Japan was their favorite!

Our plane ride home was long. We had 2 flights: one from Japan to Vancouver CA and then Canada to Seattle. The second was the hardest being so tired but we managed fine. For some reason Kai could not sleep on the flight home.... but Noah and Emmi both slept 6 hours! Kai made up for the sleep last night. He slept from 6pm - 10am the next morning!!! We will be back to normal soon. :)

We have been enjoying all the photos we took. Emmi still says "Hanna" often! I will post a last picture of all of the family together after Takeshi returns this evening. It is a special photo because it's the last one of us all together in Japan for a while. Takeshi's sister and her husband and daughter are moving to California later this month.
It's good to be home but even better that our hearts are full of love and fond memories! I love family time!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Japan Update 5

It feels like Spring outside today! It must be at least 65! I know there is snow at home in Seattle so we are enjoying the sun! Today Takeshi's parents are working all day. We enjoyed the morning moving slow and eating breakfast with Nao and Hanna (18 months). Have I told you how cute Hanna is? I will post her picture. She is getting used to her cousins and really loves the boys. Hanna and Emmi play well most of the time. They are still too young to play together but a few times they have emptying drawers together or had tea. Emmi likes to say "Hanna, no" makes me laugh! The girls are definitely cute together, even when they make each other cry.

After breakfast we went to the shopping area and got some origami paper for Kai to take to his school and share with friends. We ate lunch at what the boys call "Japanese McDonald's". We stopped in at a nice dish store and got my mom some tea cuts. We then picked up some donuts at "Mister Donut" for later and came home for naps. Around 3 we took a nice long walk in the sun. Lots of school age children were heading home from school and Kai got to imagine what going to school in Japan might be like. We then walked to a park and played! It was nice to take off our winter coats and run around in the sun. It's good for our health and attitude! :)

I forgot to say that yesterday we visited Takeshi's grandpa who is 88 now. He lives in a rest home. It was a very nice place and all the people we saw were happy and enjoying an exercise time and then lunch together. His grandpa can't talk very well anymore but he understands what we say. I know he recognized us and understood that we came to say "Hello" and so that he could meet Emmi for the first time. It was an emotional time, especially for Takeshi. Maybe that was the last time we will see him.

I have to say something about the cooking and laundry here in Japan. There will soon be 10 people in this 3 bedroom 1 bath home. It is a well oiled and managed machine here! Takeshi's sweet mother wakes up before everyone and prepares breakfast for everyone and starts the laundry. There is no dryer, only a washing machine (and no dish washer). His mom usually has the 2 or 3 loads or laundry hanging outside by 8:30am! I'm impressed!!!!!! Even on the cold windy days the laundry drys outside. If it's really raining or snowing she drys the clothes inside with a heater. Sometimes we prepare our own food or eat out but often Takeshi's mom or sister does the cooking. I try and help but I can't find my way around the kitchen here very well. I try and wash the dishes or get the laundry in the afternoon and fold it. I'm very aware of how blessed and waste full I am in America! I'm learning a lot!

Ok, Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Japan Update 4

Emmi's fever is gone! Praise God and thanks to the power of prayer! She still has some green snot but she is happy and back to herself. I am really holding our continued health in daily prayer! One more week here with dear family and I want health more than any new pair of jeans or yummy sushi! Hahaha!

The last two days we relaxed here at home so Emmi could fight her fever. Today was our first adventure out. We went to Costco! It was very similar to the one in America but one missing thing that I wanted so bad was the two child seat carts! Those are awesome!!! We only got a few things but it was worth the trip. Afterwards Takeshi, Emmi and I went to the Outlets. Takeshi's mom and sister took the boys home with them for the afternoon and they made paper airplanes and enjoyed each other. Takeshi and I enjoyed a little shopping with just one kid! We just got some tee-shirts but it was a relaxing time.

We rode the bus and then a train home from the outlets. Everywhere we went people were staring at Emmi! They kept saying "Oh she is so cute!" Teenage girls, little old grandmas and even a nice man on the train with and I-Phone gave Emmi a big smile! You know how Emmi loves I-Phones! By the way, I have not seen as many here as I would have thought! Most people are using the same kind of flip phone but with Internet and music capabilities.

After dinner the kids have gone straight to bed. The boys didn't nap and Emmi was out with us so everyone was tired! Takeshi is gone with his dad out to visit a book store. Today is his dad's birthday! Sunday we will have a party for all the February birthdays in the family!
I'm off to check on Noah who keeps asking for me from the top of the stairs..... Thanks for reading and miss you all!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Japan Update 3

Sunday afternoon around 4 we left with the kids for the train to ride it and meet 4 of Takeshi's junior high school friends at a restaurant. I was anxious about the evening since his friends don't have kids (let alone 3 of them!).
We walked through a busy shopping street to the train. It's one of my favorite places to walk. Only people go through here and there are stores with open fronts the whole mile. We got to the train and it was Noah and Emmi's first ride this time in Japan. They enjoyed it and often had to be reminded to be quiet and sit down. :)
The restaurant we ate at was owned and ran by a friend of Takeshi's who trained to be a sumo wrestler. He didn't progress in it and so decided to open a restaurant that serves the same food a sumo wrestler would eat while training! It was delicious!!!!
The kids did the best they possible could in the setting. You can see from the picture that they had a little corner to move around in and we brought a seat for Emmi. We were there a little over 2 hours and his friends enjoyed the kids and talked to them. They had good English! One of the guys there just had his divorce finalized 2 weeks ago! He was sad and i think appreciated the evening out, but also it must have been hard since he also has a 6 year old and 1 year old that now live with his wife. The owner of the restaurant isn't in any of these pictures but he is a big guy and told the boys to call him "Bob"! So funny!!!! He give the boys french fries, ice cream (after they ate their veggies). Emmi gave him a BIG hug! I have a picture of her smiling at him. For some reason she really liked him!
After dinner we started the trek home. You can see pictures of the boys waiting for the train and playing with the Japanese pay phones. We got back to Takeshi's home around 9:30pm. Emmi fell asleep in the stroller and the boys went right to bed. It was a memorable night!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Japan Update 2

It is Sunday afternoon here in Japan. This morning we had breakfast with 10 people! Nao, Masanobu, Hanna, Takeshi, me, Kai, Noah, Emmi and Takeshis parents! We all stayed together last night here at Takeshis parents home. We had toast, fruit and rice balls with Salmon covered in seaweed! It was a nice time together! Takeshis parents went over to Naos apartment to help her pack and clean while Masanobu went to work. Soon they will be moving to California!
Takeshi and I took the kids out and walked around one of the malls and then had lunch. It is cold! I think it is about 45 today outside. We came home and gave the kids a nap. Today Noah finally has taken a nap. Yeah for the little things! Tonight we are taking the kids on the train to meet one of Takeshis high school friends. We will have dinner with him. His friend really wanted us to bring the kids - but I don:t think he understands how dinner with 3 children will be! I will let you know how it goes!

Everyone is healthy! Thank you Jesus! Even my ears are feeling better today! Noah just finished his antibiotic this morning. Takeshi had a great time at his school reunion last night. He said there were 30 people that came. He got back to the house about 10:30pm. He took lots of pictures!

Across from Takeshis parents home they have taken down an apartment building and so it:s being prepared for 9 new homes. Its a perfect place for the boys to kick the soccer ball and jump rope with Jiichan. They have been outside whenever the weather lets us. Inside the house is cold accept for one room. You can imagine how active Kai and Noah like to be so sometimes it is challenging to keep them busy so that things don:t get broken in such a small room. We are making it work. Takeshis family has been understanding of the boys thankfully! Kai is eating A LOT!!!!! I think it is his usual but he is eating twice what I eat at least at breakfast for sure! Noah is being really really great about trying new foods - better than Kai and Emmi! All of them are eating good though!

Emmi just filled her diaper. :) I will update again later!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Japan Update 1

We are here safe and sound! The past 3 or 4 days has been a mix of relaxing and stress. Our plane flights went really well! The kids did great, even Emmi! She did a lot of walking in the plane and took 2 naps which helped a lot! Kai played his DS and Noah enjoyed the movies and snacks!
Jet leg has been pretty good too! Noah is my early riser and has gotten up at about 5:30 everyday. We are trying to fix that. We are really enjoying the family! Takeshis sister Nao and our niece hanna have come to visit daily so we can all be together. That is so nice!
Noah got an ear infection the second day and we had to take him to the doctor. His ear was so bad that the doctor popped his ear drum! I was so shocked! Poor Noah! Takeshi and 3 nurses had to hold him down to do it! He was in so much pain Takeshi said he was throwing up in the waiting room! He is much better now and on some antibiotics. Keep him in your prayers please that the infection continues to go away.
Family time is great! Kai got to spend almost a whole day with Takeshis mom! He loves the special attention! Noah will have his birthday here in a couple of days, he will be 4!
Emmi and Hanna are only 3 months apart and soooooo cute together! We went out in the car today with the 2 girls and they were talking to each other in the baby talk! They play tea and fight over remotes or little race cars or whatever one of them finds and the other wants! Girls!!!!! I love to see them together!
Takeshi has his elementary school reunion tomorrow! He is very excited!
It has been a busy 4 days and I:m glad we are here 2 weeks. It might take a couple more days to start to really relax after Noahs sickness.
The weather is nice but cold in the evenings. The food is AMAZING as usual! Takeshis mom is a wonderful cook! Tonight we had curry with 2 or 3 little salads. Her food is always unique and filled with veggies. Yum!
Takeshi stays up in the evenings and enjoys tea and conversation with his parents. They get along really well.
I will try and update again soon. I am off to bed!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ready or not.... here we go!

I should have started blogging all this craziness about 4 days ago! Planning an International trip with your husband and 3 small children is quite the adventure to say the least! We did all this 2 1/2 years ago, but with only 2 kids. This time has been just a little bit more difficult with a 15 month old who wants to unpack all you are so carefully packing! Goodness Emmi!!!!!

We are leaving early in the morning for Tokyo, Japan! Somehow we got all the kids in bed by 6:30pm and even asleep!!!! We are excited and ready for the trip. I can say that now that the bags are set by the front door. 2 days ago I was a mess! Ask my sister who has had to listen to me go on and on and on about every tiny stupid detail. It's funny how your brain processes an ordeal like this. I had moments where I was talking with Takeshi and for some reason the conversation reminded me that I needed to find travel size hand sanitizers to bring on the trip! I've had papers with lists all over the kitchen. Lists of snacks for the kids, lists of medicine, of what clothes to pack, how many diapers, things to buy as gifts..... oh the lists got really out of control! :)

I'm again reminded of how God helps in even the little things! Our car battery needed to be replaced - I found that out about 4 days ago when on a cold morning it almost didn't start. Anyway, today my dad and brother helped Takeshi buy it and put it in the minivan. Emmi got sick about a week ago. Just a cold but the morning I scheduled to take her into the doctor she was REALLY sick. The doctor gave us an antibiotic to give her so that by our trip date her ears should be ok. And last but so SAD, my neighbors cat died yesterday morning and I'm happy we were still here to comfort her. She is so sad! I'm glad for God's timing! Even in the sad things.

Takeshi is calm and cool! He keeps saying "Aren't you excited?!!" I wanted to keep saying "Yes, but I have to find one more thing!" Hahaha! We have 3 big full suitcases and one McQueen carry on for the kids, OH and a stroller and diaper bag for Emmi!

We are off I hope I packed enough to keep them all happy for the 14+ hour trip! We'll see..... :) Say a prayer for safety and health! Thanks! Oh and Yes, Emmi is on our lap, not in a seat. Can you picture her..... I'm sure it will be a non-sitting trip!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Time to celebrate!

Noah and Kai got report cards from school this week!
Both boys did great and the reports were filled with positive comments!
Takeshi and I are super proud!
It's time to celebrate with ice cream tonight! The boys are excited!

Noah's teacher said "He's kind to others, shares well and has many friends"
Kai's teacher said "Kai is above average in reading, is well liked by his peers, is a leader in the class and has lots of fun ideas to share!"

I know it's just preschool and Kindergarten but still..... I'm happy they are having success in school! :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kai's Spelling Paper

I'm just a little proud of Kai! :)

He's doing really well in Kindergarten!

Here is a spelling paper he brought home yesterday.

He did perfect!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

At the Beach in February!

Today there was an early wake up call from Emmi.... 5:50am! Yikes! So she had an early nap at 9:30am - 11:00am. Because of her early nap it gave us some extra time after lunch to go outside and play. We decided to visit the Edmonds beach! It was cold but the sun was out! Here are a few pictures!