Saturday, November 27, 2010

Emmi's Birthday Party

This evening we celebrated Emmi's 1st birthday with some family! Emmi had her first cup cake and LOVED it! She got 2 new dolls and some clothes! It was a wonderful evening celebrating Emmi's first year. She is a blessed little lady!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Emmi saw snow for the first time today! Noah wrote his name all by himself for the first time today! It was a big day at the Ushikubo home!
School has already been canceled for tomorrow so looks like it will be another fun snow day for us. Takeshi is even home from work tomorrow! :) Happy me!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls with Noah

This afternoon Noah helped me make some yummy cinnamon rolls! He was a great helper!

He helped pour in the ingredients, stir and he counted how many we made! :)

It was a nice break from folding clothes.....

While we were baking Emmi kept busy by emptying the sand which bag box in the drawer! Oh well.... she was happy!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Family Turkey!

Today was a nice Monday as a family (except Kai had school 'till 3).

When Kai got home we went to a near by store called the Creation Station. This is a very different store. It has recycled things you can buy for cheap and use in making new things! The kids love it! We have been a few times before!

Last week Kai brought home a paper with a turkey shape on it and directions that our family should decorate and name the turkey together. Kai is supposed to bring the turkey back to school by this Friday. Kai and I started on the turkey over the weekend. Takeshi had to work so we decided to just get started.... Our ideas were not going so well. We collected leaves from the yard and tried to glue them on the bird..... not so good....... then we tried some dry pasta..... that wasn't so good either..... I just gave up and put it up on the counter for another day.

Takeshi helped in Kai's class today and noticed the VERY NICE turkey's that 2 other students had made and brought in. When he came back he had a plan.... a better plan than mommy had!

We all went to the store and bought little colored hands, feathers, eye erasers and pipe cleaners. Takeshi and Kai got to work after dinner.

You would have laughed at how much Takeshi was enjoying the project!!!! He is such a great dad! Kai and Noah helped but Takeshi kinda ran the show..... It made me laugh so hard! He was serious about the family turkey! I REALLY wish I could call his mom and ask what he was like during his early school years.... was he this serious about school projects? By the way it's a pirate turkey named Captain Turk. :)

Truly I love how involved he is. He helped Kai today with his math homework and was very patient with him! He sat with him the whole time.... I usually set Kai up then let him work on it alone. I check in and look it over when he's done. Takeshi works every question with Kai and talks about each math problem!

I'm a blessed lady! I love you Takeshi!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Kids

Today was Kai's turn to share in school about his family. He took two pictures, 1 of the 5 of us and 1 photo of Baachan and Jiichan with Kai! He was very excited to tell his friends in class about his brother and sister and his grandparents in Japan! I told him that he needs to explain who Baachan and Jiichan are..... people will not understand those words. Kai said - Mom, they will look at their face and know who they are! They look like me but older!" :)

Noah had his class picture today at school. He picked out his own clothes! He is practicing a song for a Thanksgiving party his class will have in 2 weeks. He was singing in the van on the way home - "Mr. Turkey, Mr. Turkey, nice and fat, nice and fat, we are gonna eat you, we are gonna eat you just like that! :) He is so cute when he sings too! He sings really quiet and slow. :)

Emmi is sick with another cold right now but she is still happy, thankfully! We have stopped giving her formula to drink and have started her on regular whole milk. She likes it! The amount of milk we give her is less so she is eating A LOT! It is almost time to cut her hair. I have to put it up everyday or else she cannot see!

They are all growing so fast! I've been kissing them before I go to bed at night. I watch them sleep and pray for them. Sometimes I even cry because it is just such a special time right now, they are beautiful little people with big hearts!

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Laundry Pile Story.

So I don't mind everyone knowing..... it's no secret.... I HATE folding laundry!

I don't mind washing and drying the clothes, it's the folding that I dread.

Usually I wash and dry every day then fold on the 4th day - cause the pile is too big. :)

Today Takeshi helped out in Kai's kindergarten class and heard Kai say something very funny!!!!

Kai's teacher was reading a book about making a pile of fall leaves and jumping into the pile. She was asking the kids to imagine what that sounds like, feels like and so on....

Kai raises his hand and says "Teacher, I have done that before! I like to jump in my mom's BIG pile of laundry!" Takeshi laughed out loud at Kai! Oh man, it makes me hang my head in shame but it's true. There is a pile waiting for me right now!