Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Today Kai came home from school with his first paper of homework!

He was so excited to show me. I have asked him each day if he has any and up until now he says "no mom". So, today he got to sit at the table and work on his paper while Noah watched and asked questions!

Kai wrote his numbers 1 and 2 and drew pictures of people, rocks, trees and socks in the correct box! I love Kindergarten homework! I hope Kai's joy continues all year over his homework! :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Takeshi and Emmi

Emmi loves her daddy!

Her love started as a baby when she gave Takeshi her very first smile. :)

Tonight when Takeshi came home from work I was feeding Emmi her dinner. Suddenly, Emmi wanted nothing to do with the food (not normal)! She only wanted her daddy's attention. Takeshi came over and played with her and gave her a kiss. He then picked up his phone and was texting someone - Emmi just stared at him! He finally looked up at her and she screamed with delight. She wants every ounce of his attention! Takeshi sat on the floor and played with Emmi, letting her crawl on him and poke his nose! She even gave him a big wet kiss!

It is sweet to see her love for her daddy! I can see as an older girl how much she will want his love and attention even more. She is learning how to pick a kind and sweet husband! Takeshi is a great dad to all his kids! I'm so blessed!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

School and Stuff

It's been 3 weeks that Kai and Noah have been in school! So far so good!

Kai LOVES Kindergarten! He has a music class where he has done dancing, drums, and singing. He has a P.E. class 2 times a week! I pack his lunch each day - he tells me what he likes. :) I asked him if he wants to eat the school "hot lunch" food and he said "no mom, that is not enough food for me!" He has some friends and he is happy to have his little mind working hard each day on learning to read and do math!

Kai is getting glasses soon! He is excited, I hope he continues to be. I got glasses when I was young, 4th grade I think. My only worry about Kai is what will the other kids at school say about his glasses.... I hope they are kind! Last week the school gave all the Kindergartners eye tests so I'm sure from that test, other kids will be getting glasses too!

Noah is doing fabulous in preschool! I take him two mornings a week. He walks right into class and says "Hi" to his teacher and hangs up his coat. On the days Noah is home with me he enjoys playing with his puzzles and cars. It's strange how much he enjoys to play alone! He NEVER asks to watch t.v.! Sometimes we go outside and he rides his bike but if I don't offer, he is fine to play inside. He is SO EASY!

I'm loving my mornings alone with Emmi! She is such a joy! I love to sit on the floor with her and tickle her or read books with her. She also plays so good alone! Today Emmi and I dropped off the boys at school and came back home and enjoyed a piece of toast together. I did most of the talking but she had a few things to say too. :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Triathlon Finished!

Today I finished my second triathlon!

It was another amazing experience. I did the race with three other dear friends. We swam 1/2 mile, rode our bike 12 miles and ran 3.1 miles together!
At the finish line Takeshi handed me Noah and Emmi and I crossed the line with my kids! Kai was staying with a friend - he was missed! I'm very proud of my husband for bringing the kids down so early in the morning! I love you Takeshi!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kai and Noah

Kai started Kindergarten Tuesday this week! Noah started preschool Thursday! Need I say more? Oh AND Emmi started crawling 1 week ago. My head is spinning and I'm left wishing summer would never-ever end. I've felt every emotion under the sun this week - proud, depressed, happy, sad, excited and totally overwhelmed! I've prayed the same prayer: "God, please help me as I walk through these changes."

If you have kids who are teenagers or grown, you might be laughing at me thinking.... well, she will really feel all these things when her kids start High School, or learn to drive, or get a first job....! It is all the same feelings - change.

I have really felt God near me this week in the small things. For example: Emmi usually naps at about 1:30pm until 3:30pm or so. Kai's school ends at 3:10 so for two days I had to wake Emmi up at take her in the car with me and Noah to get Kai. This really messes with our daily schedule. I was prepared to just absorb the discomfort and deal with it. Then Wednesday I met our neighbor who has a boy in 2nd grade, she offered to help with the pick-up of Kai if I drop off her son along with Kai! Wow! That totally has been such a help to me (and Emmi)!

Kai's class has MANY students who speak English as their second language. Kai hasn't said much about the differences, he seems to enjoy making new friends regardless if they understand all he says! I noticed something yesterday. Takeshi took Kai to school and when he dropped him off he saw another boy who was full Asian. The boy (Jay) noticed Takeshi and made a point to talk to him and Kai. Kai came home and was excited about meeting this new friend in class! The strange thing is that I was prepared for Kai to feel different because of having bi-racial parents. I thought I would be the parent who would "fit in" but I was SO WRONG. It was Takeshi who helped Kai the most, it was Takeshi who fit in better than me. Takeshi speaks two languages, just like most of the other kids. Kai is more accepted because Takeshi is his father. I love that!!!! I really went back and forth about changing Kai from this school because of the low test scores and low income area it is in. I feel so different today, I feel like God placed us here on purpose, like it is the right place for Kai. I'm so thankful!

My Noah had a wonderful first day! He enjoyed meeting new kids. He came home and said he wanted to go back! He met two kids, Olivia and Julian! So cute! He will do great at school. His teacher is from England and has a fabulous accent! Her name is Teacher Nikki, I like her already! Noah is growing fast.... soon he will be in Kindergarten!

When we came home from his first day I put Emmi down for a nap and Noah and I had lunch together. He talked and talked and I noticed that Kai was not there to interrupt him. :) We love Kai but he does talk a lot. I will enjoy all the extra time with Noah to really listen to ALL he has to say! Sweet!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


The world has opened up for Emmi! She has started to crawl around the house! She also sits up in her bed now and cries while holding onto the bars.... pretty cute! The only problem is we have to keep laying her back down so she will sleep. I remember the boys doing this too! I hardly have a baby in the house anymore! She is 9 months now and 20.5 pounds! Her hair is a wild mess and she enjoys spitting food out of her mouth now on you but still, we LOOOOVVVEEE her so much!

I bought Noah a puzzle yesterday at Target, a Cars one. He has been putting it together non-stop since bringing it home. He starts his preschool on Thursday! Sometimes I feel like the excitement of his start to school gets overshadowed by Kai's start of Kindergarten so I've tried the last few days to talk a lot more about it! He seems excited.... we'll see on Thursday how it goes! I'm going to miss Noah around the house those 2 mornings. I don't know what to do with only 1 child anymore! :)
We have been working this week to get Noah to stay dry while he sleeps at night. We used our last Pull-up about 5 days ago. The first 3 nights he wet the bed TWICE each night - Yuck! Now Takeshi takes him to the bathroom before he goes to bed - usually around 11:30 or so. This seems to be working! He wakes up dry or at least mostly dry! Yeah Noah!!!!!

The kids and I got to visit Kai's new classroom at College Place Elementary School on Thursday. He has 2 teachers! One does reading and writing in the morning and the other does math and science in the afternoon! I'm a little nervous about this set up but I've decided an open mind is best about it all! Maybe it will be wonderful!!! Takeshi has such a good attitude about Kai starting school! I talk about all my concerns with him and he just listens and offers good sound advice! As my mother says "Kelly, you married well!" I agree! So Kai's first day of school is Tuesday Sept. 7th! Ready or not here it comes! 8:40am - 3:10pm he will be away from me! Ohhhhh I hope I don't cry! :)