Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Soccer and Me

Before I married my husband I thought there were only 9 players on the soccer field. Oh woes me at how much I had to learn..... sigh...... ahhhh......
Takeshi has filled me in, and each night on t.v. I learn just a smidgen more. Way back in 2002 (the year we got married.... that should say a lot here) I stayed awake until the wee hours of the morning to watch the World Cup with my sweet husband. Those were the years I like to call the "newbie" years in our marriage. Those years I even watched old soccer games with Takeshi off of VHS tapes.

Now, we still watch soccer together but it's a little different. Now, Takeshi watches soccer on t.v. and I blog (hehehe), check my facebook or text on my phone. BUT we are always sitting together and always sharing in great moments. For example if a soccer player has a sweet goal Takeshi says to me "Oh Kelly, you gotta see this one!" I say "Ok" and watch, give him a smile and go back to the project I had going on.

I love my husband lots!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sitting and Soaking in God's Love!

My baby Kai turned 6 last Tuesday and we celebrated his birthday with friends and family yesterday! What fun we all had! Kai was loving all the attention. He felt so loved and such joy about being near his friends. He's growing up fast.... I'm trying to soak it all in.

I thought this morning about that verse in the Bible in Matthew 7:11 that talks about how parents know their children and desire to give their children good gifts - and so how much MORE our Father in heaven loves to give us good gifts as we ask for them. I talked about it with Takeshi this morning. It was just powerful for me to sit and soak-up Gods true love for us! It's huge.... much more that my own love for my children. God really loves us! Made me smile to talk about it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Old Baby Clothes

Emmi and her 2 sweet girl cousins (Jocelyn and Taylin) are having "Vintage" pictures taken on September 11th by my good friend Brea! I remembered today that I have some old clothes in my hope chest that were mine when I was a baby! I pulled out a little dress and my old Buster Brown shoes and put the outfit on Emmi. She looks sweet in the clothes.... pretty neat to share these things with her even if she is only 9 months.
I love having a daughter!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Weekend of Fun!

The Ushikubo family had a busy and very fun weekend!

It all started Friday night with a wedding rehearsal for Russ and Melissa! Takeshi practiced the ceremony with the sweet couple and then we (Takeshi, me and all 3 kids) had a nice dinner at a beautiful home in Redmond! The boys LOVED the yard at the house - it was big and had lots of trees and corners perfect for hiding! Emmi was the princess and enjoyed all the attention.

Saturday was the beautiful outside wedding near the winery's in Woodinville. Takeshi preformed the ceremony and did a perfect job! All 3 kids came and did pretty good being mostly quiet. They found a friend Josiah and played with him on the grass during the ceremony. Hahaha! The reception was so fun! They had small gift bags for all the kids with blow up guitars and stickers to play with! Kai was in music heaven! The food was SUPER yummy and the music was perfect for a little fun dancing!

Today (Sunday) we went to church then drove to North Seattle for an Arena Sports BBQ and a chance to see a new building the company is remodeling in Magnuson Park. The kids came along and played at the park and enjoyed good friends! It was wonderful weather for the event!

Now that all that has passed Takeshi is relieved and enjoying his beer! Both big activities were weighing on his mind --- he did a great job! I'm so proud of our kids who adjusted really well to each activity and listed and obeyed me most of the time! Yeah! We had lots of laughs and made many many good memories!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Listening to my kids in the car...

I drove to Target today with the kids to pick up the last of the school supplies.
While driving I heard the funniest, random and most amazing mixture of things come out of my children's mouth! I was laughing to myself the whole drive!

Kai: "Noah!!!! You just won $151.00!"
Noah: "All the Cars band aids in the whole world are mine!"
Kai: "No, Noah I'm a Superhero and I can take them from you!"
Emmi: Loud, ear piercing scream
Noah: "Haha, they are ALL mine and I will do whatever I want with the band aids!"
Kai: "I can fly!"
Emmi: More loud, ear piercing screams!
Noah: (punching his arms) "If you take even one band aid I will get you Kai!"
Kai: "Noah!!! We don't have to take a bath tonight!"
Me: "Oh yes you do boys!"
Emmi: More screams!

Hahaha! I'm sure I'm missing some of the conversation but that is most of it!
They are funny kids!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fair and Friends

It's mid August and I feel like summer has just started but sadly it is just about over! The last two days I've been able to do some really fun "summer" things with the kids! Yesterday (Monday) Takeshi and I went up to Lynden for the annual N.W. Washington Fair. It was crazy hot but so much fun! We took Judah with us and met my mom and Grandma (84 years young) at the gate.

The fair is totally "my thing" and not "Takeshi's thing"! I almost made the 1 1/2 hour drive AGAIN today with the kids to go back - I just love the fair! Takeshi was such a super husband yesterday. He drive both ways and was the perfect daddy/uncle and went on rides with the boys, took them to the bathroom and didn't mind that I bought 13 fair scones! Growing up in Lynden the fair was always a huge highlight each summer. Takeshi enjoys some of the event but really could care less if we ever went again - and we go EVERY year! I love you Takeshi!

The boys loved it and got to see lots and lots of animals, ride down a huge slide, sit on tractors, eat ice cream and see the coolest of cool lego display! It was awesome!

Today after I dropped Kai off at his morning school program I went over to Kathy's house and hung out there for a couple hours with Kathy, Brea and 6 kids! Fun! I love living near my sister and such wonderful friends - life is just so doable with so much love and support around! The rest of my day was filled with Emmi's naps and cleaning bathrooms, dishes and clothes! That's my life!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Family Time

What a warm evening!
After a very full day our family regrouped and had a Mexican food dinner together in the front yard! It was wonderful to sit outside and talk, laugh and make up silly stories together. It was the kind of evening that I wish could happen everyday. The kids were so happy riding bikes and pretending they were in a parade... (I don't know where that came from)!
Now that Takeshi and I have put them into bed the house is quiet and still. I love the noise the kids fill the house with, but I also love the few hours Takeshi and I have together each evening to ourselves!

My heart is very full tonight! God has filled my life with beautiful people. I thank him for that everyday!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Book

I just started the book "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Already I can tell the book will intensify my feelings to drop my life here in America and move my family to Japan.

I'll keep you posted!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Funny Stuff...

I've heard the boys say a couple funny things lately!
Kai had his school testing 3 days ago - it was 20 min. with a teacher in a room asking him to draw things, write his name, say the letters on a flashcard and I'm sure more. Parents were not in the room.
So yesterday we asked him "Did the teacher ask you your birthday?"
"Yes!" Kai said.
"What did you say" I asked
"I know mom, it's July 4th!" Kai announced.

We laughed so hard! His birthday is August 24th - although he loves the 4th of July holiday! I guess I need to work on that with him.

Noah has been drinking and eating so much this summer! Our grocery bill as noticed it! My boys are growing! So what goes in him, must also come out!
I asked him if he needed to go poo poo in the bathroom?
He answered "Nope, my poo poos are sleeping they don't want to come out!"
He has always been my "NO" child. This followes right in line with classic Noah. I love him!

On a side note on Emmi: She now says dada, baba and I know I heard a mama a couple days ago!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Lunch Boxes and Backpacks!

We just got home from Target and Costco where we could have easily spent $500 but of course we didn't! We set out today to buy Kai a lunch bag for school and a new backpack for Noah. It was a fun morning with the family. The boys took the shopping very seriously and went back and forth a few times trying to decide on the perfect one! Kai chose a Starwars lunch bag and Noah got a Cars backpack. Each also got a new water bottle for school. I remember getting so excited about new things before school started! I feel blessed we are able to afford all that each of the kids need.

I watched Kai and Noah from the back as they walked in the store. They are still just boys, still short, still can't sit still for very long but today they looked older. I'm trying to enjoy each day with them. Kai is starting Kindergarten and Noah is starting preschool in about 3 weeks! The time is going by and I'd like to stop it for a bit! Buying lunch boxes and backpacks is just the beginning of what is to come. I'm sure soon they will need a new personal computer and fancy Nike shoes. The new box of markers will be replaced by a high tech calculator (oh my!).

Don't get me wrong I'm so excited - this is just me getting used to my little boys turning into school age kids! At least I still have Emmi at home with me! I can imagine I will say that often over the years to come.... "at least Emmi is still here"! I'm so glad we have three! I love being a mom!